Fast results

Innovation Pods are multi-disciplinary co-innovation teams that overcome institutional inertia, innovate quickly, and manage initiatives through inclusive environments. We don’t just come up with a few good ideas and leave. We bring user-validated proof of concepts (POC) that have an immediate impact and present business cases for investment.

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Move the needle

Innovation Pods implement a new, iterative approach based on Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Human-centered Design, Value Realization, and Agile frameworks. This grounds us where you are and charts an efficient path to your desired state while balancing desirability, feasibility, and viability of digital concepts.

Product Exploration

Our goal is to first establish ‘Opportunity-Purpose’ fit. We examine the market, trends, and inspirations and co-create a future state vision for the prioritized focus areas & define desired business outcomes, keeping in mind your purpose and business strategy.

Product Strategy

We then establish a ‘Problem-Solution’ fit. For that we understand customers as humans and uncover their unmet needs in the focus areas. We create an opportunity canvas by ruthlessly prioritizing top ideas keeping in mind feasibility and viability.

Product POC

Finally, a POC is created rapidly for one prioritized idea and validated with customers. A detailed business case along with analysis of how the POC fares to achieve the desired business outcomes is presented. This establishes preliminary ‘Product-Market’ fit and sets the stage for you for a Go/No-Go decision.