Uncover deeper insights

Infogain advanced analytics solutions enable enterprises to discover deeper business insights, make more accurate predictions, and generate better recommendations for their most critical decisions.

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Unlock new improvement opportunities

Our advanced analytics solutions drive competitive advantage by building deeper insights using the latest technologies in data and text mining, pattern matching, forecasting, sentiment analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, and more.

Revenue Growth Management

Optimize product, price, pack, and promotion decisions using analytics-driven smart recommendations.

Product Portfolio Optimization

Optimize your product portfolio by using analytics to manage SKU complexity and assortment optimization while preserving high-value customer options.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime and improve performance, reliability, and safety of your equipment through machine learning and AI. Forecast and predict outcomes to identify and reduce risks, uncover opportunities to improve operations, and increase revenues.

Demand Forecasting

Combine statistical forecasting with machine learning to recognize patterns, capture demand signals, and spot complicated relationships to produce more accurate and reliable forecasts.

Analytics DataOps

Extend DataOps practices using analytics pipelines for managing the lifecycle of analytic models, from model creation to model deployment, monitoring, and management.