Infogain offers out-of-the-box automation across Guidewire's InsuranceSuite™

Guidewire Insurance Suite Benefits

Meet Infogain's Insurance team at Guidewire Connections Reimagined, Guidewire's free virtual event taking place November 18-19, 2020. Our team has over 15 years of P&C expertise and dedicated insurance professionals with Guidewire expertise. We deliver high-end automated solutions for multiple business lines across Guidewire's InsuranceSuite™ that include:

  • Out-of-the box automation across Guidewire InsuranceSuite™
  • Full support for API and integration points to external systems
  • End to end scenario testing, including cross product use cases
  • Integration to standard DevOps tools

Meet our Team:

Girish Kannali, Vice President- Sales (Connect on LinkedIn)

James Patterson, Practice Manager- Solutions (Connect on LinkedIn)