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Organizations want a secure, hassle-free, single sign-on (SSO) for their customers to log in to various properties. And they need a way to keep those customers’ data secure. Single sign-on is the norm now and provides seamless integration between multiple applications using different identity providers (IDP), including social logins such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, etc.

Our client, a global wholesale membership club, operates hundreds of retail warehouses worldwide. The company provides a wide selection of brand-name merchandise in specialty departments and exclusive member services. They wanted to give their customers a better eCommerce experience but faced some challenges. One involved security management and synchronization of members’ identities that frequently failed, causing customer dissatisfaction. Also, when members were making purchases, B2C and business delivery ID systems consistently failed

We improved our client’s eCommerce experience with an Azure-based member authentication services platform. Our team architected, implemented, and deployed a fully automated solution using Azure B2C Identity Experience Framework (IEF) custom policies. Microsoft Azure AD B2C customizes the entire user experience with our client’s brand, allowing it to blend seamlessly with web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Our solution:

  • Enabled our client’s customers to create user accounts, securely log in, reset passwords, and manage profiles
  • Implemented a single user identity and single password (SSO) capability
  • Worked with social and/or corporate credentials (Facebook, Google, Twitter, ADFS, Active Directory, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Allowed seamless navigation between applications using a single identity (SSO)
  • Utilized multi-factor authentication, and implemented a secure password policy
  • Granted authorized access to web APIs for applications and users

Authentication Flow Infogain implemented using AD B2C

Infogain Solution Architecture:

Key Features in this solution:

  • Azure B2C tenant setup and configuration
  • Ability to migrate users if that’s needed
  • Custom policy implementation.
  • Implementing Custom UI
  • Automating Azure B2C IEF custom policies and Custom UI Deployment using Azure DevOps

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective, secure, and scalable SSO solutions for operational effectiveness
  • Introduce social login capabilities
  • Enhanced security through multi-factor authentication
  • Seamless integrating web and mobile made an improved member experience

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About the Author

Sameer Salunke, Architect, Infogain

Sameer Salunke

Sameer Salunke is Architect with the Digital Engineering Team at Infogain. With 13+ years of experience in the IT service industry, Sameer is Microsoft Certified Solution Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Solution Architect. He is well-versed in designing and delivering solutions using Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.