Application Development and Maintenance Services

With increasing globalization and competition, VPs of business applications and software company CTOs alike must adopt technologies that enable efficiency, cost rationalization and foster growth. These leaders need solutions that will control costs, extend internal capabilities, and address scalability.Infogain’s combined expertise in building software products for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and delivering customized IT solutions brings many advantages to both enterprises and software companies.Our product engineering focus, business-process knowledge, and 100 Agile scrum teams give our clients the edge to go to market faster than the competition.

Proactive Monitoring Services

Today’s Challenge

Directors of Operations/Applications in charge of mission critical applications at medium and large organizations must take steps to increase application availability by reducing user interruptions and increasing overall system stability. They must ensure application performance and correct glitches before the critical stage of development.

Infogain’s Solution

Infogain’s proactive monitoring services deliver:
  • 24x7 alert and dashboard monitoring
  • Automated performance and system alerts
  • Smoke testing post code deployment
  • Identification and resolution of abnormally slow processes
  • Formal processes to ensure early response to alerts including timely rolling re-starts to avoid bringing down entire systems


Benefits with Infogain’s proactive monitoring services include:
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Minimized interruptions with a reliable environment
  • Noticeable improvements in application performance
  • Reducing business operations risk
  • Support after completion of projects

Client Success

Learn how a large US enterprise storage and data management company achieved success with performance monitoring services from Infogain. Close

Application Support Services

Today’s Challenge

When you consider that systems exist in complex, heterogeneous environments, achieving competent application support requires a high level of technical competence. This happens often during multiple interactions, and supported by a structured problem-solving approach.

Infogain’s Solution

Infogain's customized support model is refined through extensive client service and enabled by established staffing and facilities infrastructure. Our support model provides up to 24x7 application support using a multi-tiered ITIL-based support, typically delivering 15-minute response and 4-hour resolution of priority 1 critical incidents.  Infogain's multi-tiered support model increases the efficiency of clients' support operations, reduces the cost of application support, and increases IT responsiveness to business needs.Infogain’s dual shore call center offers the convenience of a single point of contact for all application related issues.  Offering a single toll free number on either a (7dX15hr or 7dX24hr) basis, strict SLAs,  and extensive reporting/monitoring,  our call center is focused on quickly returning your users back to their own work.Key features include:
  • Two models available (7x15, 7X24) choose the one that fits your budget and needs best
  • Choice of shared services model versus dedicated support
  • Customer specific and product specific knowledge base to enable easy incident cause and resolution
  • Clearly defined response SLA’s and compliance reporting
  • Basic hardware troubleshooting
  • Dedicated support coordinator
  • On-shore support associates during key US hours
  • Routing of service calls to third party (or customer) based upon defined decision tree


Benefits with Infogain’s multi-tiered support model include:
  • Increased efficiency of support operations
  • Reduced cost of application support
  • Increased IT responsiveness to business needs

Client Success

The client, a large, US based high tech manufacturer achieved a single framework for both business and IT support. With Infogain’s services, they delivered on their objective to provide a cohesive business and field-facing support process for their enterprise’s sales representatives and partners. Close

Application Management Assessment

Today’s Challenge

When companies add new applications, their support needs must be assessed. After the support model is established, organizations may lack the bandwidth to determine support effectiveness during steady state operations.

Infogain’s Solution

With experience guiding Fortune 100 companies, Infogain uses pre-built checklists and frameworks to evaluate an organization's application management operations versus industry best practices, then furnishes a roadmap to achieve an optimized support solution.

Infogain's assessments include:

  • Application functionality and user experience review
  • Application portfolio cataloguing and architecture review
  • Application usage patterns and issue analysis
  • Metrics-based gap analysis, including trends in defect detection, incidents, team deployment, network and hardware failures, and more

Your transformation roadmap will include:

  • Software infrastructure monitoring strategy
  • Application support transformation business case including Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model development
  • Detailed transition plan and schedule


As a result of Infogain's AMS assessment, Directors of Operations/Applications will have a clearly defined roadmap for establishing state-of-the-art AMS at their organization.Newly equipped with a defined governance model as well as detailed project, transition and KT plans, Infogain and the client will be ready to finalize the operating model and begin resource mobilization. Close

Application Maintenance Services

Today’s Challenge

CTOs and Directors of Applications at Fortune 500 companies and across the globe are under pressure to develop, optimize extend their IT applications and software products to meet growing business needs and evolving technologies, such as the addition of mobile and social platforms.When business processes change, new technology features and additional performance requirements are added, IT departments and CTOs are pressured to deliver:
  • Reduced cost of application maintenance
  • Increased application quality and reliability
  • Increased business value of applications and responsiveness to business needs

Infogain’s Solution

Using Agile methodologies, Infogain provides long-term application maintenance services to help IT departments and software companies maintain applications most efficiently and effectively. Our solutions enable faster software maintenance with fewer resources, reduced time cycle and low defect rates.


Business benefits for Application Maintenance services include:
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction
  • Faster availability of new features
  • Improved focus on innovations that meet new market needs

Application Development for Enterprises

Today’s Challenge

The modern enterprise must deal with changing business requirements, evolving technologies and scalable architectures required to support their global customer. They need customized applications that are versatile, easy to deploy and maintain, secure and reliable.

Infogain's Solution

Leveraging our 100 Agile scrum teams and advanced-engineer-imbedded test-and-solve approach to Agile testing, Infogain’s application development services help software companies and business enterprises with development, integration and the alignment of applications across a varied technology and user landscape. Our solution includes:
    • Future-proof technology foundation that is based on present and future business requirements
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Flexible and right-fit architecture with the aid of relevant, essential IT solutions
    • Re-engineering
    • Assessment of current business processes based on industry standards and competition
    • Application Development & Integration
    • We determine, design, build and integrate applications and products to meet your business requirements
    • Application Portfolio Rationalization
    • We leverage Infogain’s IT Portfolio Assessment frameworks and associated services to strategize and prioritize retirement or re-engineer applications
    • Legacy Modernization
    • Right fit modernization strategies for your applications in line with your budget and GTM timeline, from a variety of options – from UI / UX layer modernization only to total technology transformation across all application layers


      • Increased return on investment
      • Improved productivity, efficiency and quality
      • Faster time-to-market
      • Increased user satisfaction
      • Customized solution across all devices

Solutions & Services

Infogain’s solution addresses strategies, re-engineering processes, application development and integration, portfolio rationalization and legacy modernization. Our 3P model places the focus on “People, Product and Processes,” allowing our customers to embrace and adopt new technologies.

Our services include:

Application Development Services
Leveraging our 100 Agile scrum teams and advanced-engineer-imbedded test-and-solve approach to Agile testing, Infogain’s application development Services help software companies and business enterprises with development, integration and the alignment of applications across a varied technology and user landscape.

Application Maintenance Services
Using Agile methodologies, maintain your applications with faster software upgrades, fewer resources, reduced cycle times and low defect rates.

Application Management Assessment
Utilizing industry best practices, Infogain provides a roadmap for optimization of the support solution.

Application Management Services (AMS)
AMS is a user-oriented, SLA-driven, and monitoring-based model focused on identifying and eliminating issues before users report them.

Application Support Services
Clients receive L1-L3 application support, 24×7, using a multi-tiered ITIL-based support model, typically delivering 15-minute response and 4-hour resolution of priority 1 critical incidents.

Proactive Monitoring Services
Around the clock monitoring, smoke testing, performance and system alerts, in addition to formal processes and early response to alerts.


  • Optimized development using Agile approach
  • Savings of up to 50% on development and 70% on maintenance using Infogain’s new advanced-engineer-imbedded test-and-solve approach to testing
  • Lower total cost of ownership with our blended development model
  • Increased revenues and brand loyalty
  • Faster go-to-market and product portfolio expansion
  • Increased productivity using our 24×7 support services
  • Increased scalability and flexibility

Client Success

The client is recognized as one of the world’s leading storage enterprises for delivering on demand data and content. Their online system to support business growth and user access is complex.

The client wanted to leverage a seamless flow of information across their value chains. They needed to optimize the performance of mission critical CRM application, Vantive, used by thousands of their customers, partners and employees across the world.

24×7 monitoring and administration roster was formed and published. Automated scripts were implemented for performance alerts to monitoring team and Symantic i3, Oracle OEM, Tivoli and Compuware were set up with alert thresholds.

Case Study :Clinical Trial Healthcare Services Provider Achieves Improved Productivity and Cost Effectiveness with Infogain’s Product Engineering Services and 24×7 L2 Support

Why Infogain

  • 10+ year track record of success in delivering multi-year, multi-million dollar, SLA-based application management services to Fortune 100 clients
  • 25-year track record of product development for market-leading software companies
  • Vision for the next generation support model
  • Guidance for IT organizations as they become pro-active partners with business owners
  • Executive-level involvement and mid-stream flexibility not offered by larger providers
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