Develop and transform

Infogain SaaS services enable you to offer new products on extensible digital platforms, covering every aspect of creating the right solutions for your brand.

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Software re-engineering for SaaS

Software re-engineering for SaaSRe-engineer software products into multi-tenant SaaS solutions that leverage the cloud.

Tenant and subscription management

Create and maintain apps to manage subscription catalogs, pricing, self-service account management, provisioning, and billing engine and payment processing.


Infogain services help you assess, design, and implement the right multi-tenancy models.

User experience

Combine a contemporary user experience with visual, responsive, and Interactive interactive designs in all form factors.

API integration

Support third-party integration with easy-to-use APIs.

Release management

Infrastructure and software design to streamline functional and maintenance releases.

Security and compliance

We support clients with best practices for SaaS application security and compliance.

Ops management

Infogain services include operational testing, configuration and release management, and proactive monitoring.

Service-level management

Our services improve service service-level management with early detection, isolation, and remediation.

End-to-end DevOps

End-to-End DevOps services shorten release cycles and improve quality.