From a single pane of glass

Infogain PAQman Automation provides a single pane of glass across the lifecycle and testing automation including modular and customizable frameworks for digital, specialized, performance, and security automated testing.

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Accelerating the delivery lifecycle

Go to market faster and save money with scalable, reusable, and extendable delivery lifecycle management and testing solutions. We enable you to increase productivity, cut testing time, and streamline workflows with a framework of frameworks for end-to-end delivery lifecycle and testing automation. We create the right quality gates for continuous delivery orchestration and visualization of the KPIs needed for agile software development.

Digital Console

Single pane of glass across the Agile SDLC:

  • Execute, monitor, measure
  • Live reporting
  • Test result grammar for quick next best action
  • Grouping and tagging of test assets for faster execution
  • 150+ KPIs
  • Traceability matrix across the SDLC process
Continuous Quality (DevOps)

Setting up various quality gates for continuous delivery orchestration for:

  • Environment creation
  • Environment configuration
  • Environment provisioning
  • Digital test labs setup
  • Data creation
  • Build self service automation through CI/CD principles
Universal Gateway

Boilerplate code helps build domain libraries and automation test cases:

  • Write once for web, mobile, API, performance
  • Keyword-driven test scripting improves test case creation and maintenance
  • Self-healing test scripts
  • AI models for test scenarios
Predictive Analytics for Defect Prediction (ML Enabled)

Codify the code and artifacts created in the SDLC process into a data lake to forecast/ predict quality.
Possible predictions include:

  • Defect analytics
  • Application performance Predictions
  • Regression optimization
  • Predictive SDLC analytics
Framework of Frameworks for Hyperautomation

PAQman, our open-source framework of frameworks, uses these principles:

  • Leverage existing assets
  • Use open-source tools
  • Test models using failure mode, effects & criticality analysis (FMECA)
  • Analytics driven QA
  • Live information integration
  • Metrics-based testing
Testing Models Supported

PAQman supports a range of testing:

  • A/B testing
  • V model
  • Agile and spiral test model
  • Iterative model