Bring value to the business more quickly

Infogain’s Digital Assurance and Testing services enable digital transformation through high-fidelity digital systems and accelerated delivery. Our services are focused on ensuring seamless and frictionless customer experiences across channels, platforms, and devices.

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Test your entire value chain

Our rich portfolio of service offerings provide coverage across your digital value chain and platforms to enable automation for omni-channel testing, end-to-end testing, container environment testing, cloud assurance testing, cyber security testing, and test automation using bots and AI.

Omni-Channel Assurance

Infogain omni-channel offerings enable you to build test suites for digital applications across multiple interfaces:

  • Web testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Wearables testing
  • Public API testing
  • IoT testing
  • Test hyperautomation
End-to-End (E2E) Testing

Functional and nonfunctional testing provides end-to-end coverage of:

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Data Validation (Configuration, Profiles, Geo, Settings)
  • Compatibility (OS, model hardware, features, screen size, resolution)
  • Localization
  • Security
  • Usage telemetry
  • Performance
Container Environment Testing

Test suites for apps that use containers to test capacity and capture the following:

  • Business resilience
  • Service virtualization (for infrastructure scalability)
  • Checks and quality gates for cloud resource utilization and cost optimization
Cloud Assurance Testing

Our end-to-end testing supports migration and modernization with:

  • Functional and nonfunctional workload validation (re-hosting)
  • Functional testing of apps (re-platform and refactor) and cloud native apps (rewrite)
  • Data & database migration
  • App performance, scalability, and security
Cyber Security Testing

Vulnerability and penetration of infrastructure, apps, and devices:

  • Coordination and response for threats and malware
  • Mitigation implementation and recommended policy changes
  • Forensic/engineering investigations for prevention, analysis, counterintelligence, and malware reverse engineering
AI Enabled Automation

Our PAQman framework uses AI/ ML to build:

  • Models to test negative scenarios
  • NLP algorithms to generate test cases
  • Algorithms for self-healing test scripts
  • App/web/server log parsers find failure pattens and increase non-functional test coverage
  • Intelligent bots monitor & gather telemetry to improve user experience