With test automation and a continuous testing approach

Infogain Agile and DevOps Testing services enable rapid software delivery. With test automation and a continuous testing approach, we accelerate the software delivery cycles and ensure quality software.

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Accelerate test execution

Our Agile and DevOps Testing services enable continuous software deployment, in-sprint test automation, and a highly effective testing as a service (TaaS) delivery model.

Continuous Software Deployment

Build pipelines for continuous software delivery that enables self-service and automated setup of environment, data, environment configuration/provisioning, and digital test labs.

PAQman In-Sprint Automation

Enable cross-skill scrum teams to shift left so developers and product owners/functional analysts can write test cases for in-scope stories and Kanban tickets. Support real-time reporting to focus on next best action and implement BBD/ TDD/SAFe test principles.

TaaS/SA Ops

TaaS or SA Ops supports:

  • Catalog-based “auto efficiency” pay per use
  • Outcomes place a portion of fees ”at risk”
  • Auto-efficiency pricing mandates efficiency
  • Precisely defined improvements
  • Success defined by business value
  • Outcome-based deliverables