Build apps that offer smart experiences and outcomes

Realize your IoT vision through apps that offer connected product experiences; control your devices, platform, and solution; and drive intelligent and autonomous decisions.

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Build apps to drive business value from IoT

Apps drive business value from your IoT edge, platform, analytics, and intelligence initiatives. Our IoT software engineering services help you build composite apps on a foundation of modular, reusable, versatile, and scalable service architecture.

Connected Apps

Build connected apps for enriched human interactions with IoT-connected products. Connected apps increase business value by driving new revenue streams, lowering lifecycle costs, and enabling data-driven product innovation.

Control Apps

Build web and mobile control apps for platform operators to monitor, control, and manage across your platform, connected devices, automation, and the solution (smart factory, fleet, retail store, warehouse, patients, supply chains, and more).

Intelligent Apps

Build intelligent apps leveraging AI, machine learning, and intelligent twin technologies to optimize operations and processes, detect and predict anomalies, prevent unplanned downtime, and enable greater autonomy.