Monetize it at scale

Revel Business Model Generation services differentiate your offering based on what your customers want and need from you. We consider market segments, the competition, and trends for the future as we solidify a value proposition to provide clarity while you scale and evolve.

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Assess your impact

Leverage proven Revel frameworks to generate maximum customer lifetime value and drive loyalty. Our services enable you to develop supporting and adjacent products to grow what your brand offers to customers.

Value proposition refinement

Identify an audience and a need, articulate how you’ll meet that need, define where you’ll compete, and build in the agility to test, learn, and adapt.


Revel services enable you to plan how you’ll grow customer lifetime value, then execute those plans ahead of the competition.

Portfolio Expansion

We work with you to create strategies and roadmaps for your products and services to take advantage of trends and opportunities in the market.