Enhance usability

Revel visual designers understand your software, sites, and apps. They design products and establish visual standards for interactivity that shape the experiences that your brand offers. They’re also masters of a systems-based approach that integrates digital and offline experiences to keep your brand experience consistent wherever customers encounter it.

Revel human-centered design powers Infogain customers
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Use art to meet expectations

Revel visual designers thoughtfully and respectfully translate your brand and its core components into new and authentic expressions. They also create build-ready assets and templates for handoff to engineers.


Revel Visual Design services leverage your existing brand standards to keep the customer experience the same across channels. They can also refresh your existing identity or create a new brand identity and update your standards to support it.

Motion design & animation

Revel visual designers are experts at using motion, shape, and color to tell stories that resonate with people all over the world—no matter what language they speak.

Icons & infographics

Revel visual designers are also experts at helping users with a single icon and at telling stories without words.