Loyalty drives growth

How do customers respond to specific aspects of a design? Revel User Experience (UX) experts identify opportunities and gaps in your brand experience, consider how emotions evolve into brand perceptions, and design the right interactions to meet customer expectations.

Revel human-centered design powers Infogain customers
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Drive results with interactivity

Revel UX services help you understand which aspects of your brand experience matter most to customers. We also optimize your experience so customers can find the information they need and get things done on terms that make sense to them.

Customer journeys

Revel UX experts conduct interviews and research to map the customer’s journey into whatever unexpected places it goes. The maps reveal insight into how and when they interact with your brand, which we use to visualize the optimal customer experiences.

Information architecture

Revel UX services enable you to put information where customers expect to find it, driving interaction and brand loyalty.

Search experiences

Revel UX services enable users to search for the exact information they need quickly and easily.


Revel designers and strategists use a detailed understanding of your brand and what your customers need from you to create a site that instantly makes sense to everyone who uses it.

Usability testing

Usability testing from Revel UX services validates design choices by using feedback and insight from actual users to refine brand strategies and improve designs to meet customer expectations.


Revel UX experts create wireframes as functional maps of the pages in your future experience so stakeholders, strategists, and designers can find the best ways to bring your strategies to life.