Accelerate with visualization and self-service capabilities

Infogain BI and visualization services enable enterprises to uncover and decipher patterns, relationships, trends, and anomalies from their internal and external data assets in easy-to-understand ways.

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Deliver for the most demanding self-service and enterprise BI needs

Our BI solutions empower users to generate their own reports, run their own queries, conduct their own analyses, share their insights, and collaborate with others to drive improvements in business processes and performance.

Enterprise Reporting

Build and automate scheduled reports to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. Help decision-makers identify patterns and trends while maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and security across your organization.

Data Visualization & Storytelling

Build interactive visual data representations to highlight patterns and trends and achieve quicker insights. Drive insight-to-value conversion by combining data and visuals with compelling narratives using effective data storytelling methodologies.

Self-Service BI

Build and support architecture and tools that empower end users to design, deploy, and share reports and analysis. Accentuate capabilities by infusing augmented analytics to enable search-based BI experiences.

Geospatial Analytics

Build visualizations combining location and timing context with traditional data, making it easier to recognize patterns based on distance, proximity, contiguity, and affiliation.

BI Platforms

Gain technology expertise across major BI platforms, leveraging leading BI platforms across enterprise reporting, data visualization, and self-service BI.


Extend DataOps practices using analytics pipelines for managing report and dashboard lifecycles to reduce cycles, and drive relevance, agility, quality, ultimately reducing the gap between data and business.

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Technologies & Platforms

We use these technologies to create solutions for our clients.