Capitalize on AI

Infogain Data Science services enable enterprises to strategically implement AI and machine learning solutions to create new and innovative products and services and gain a deeper competitive edge in business operations and processes.

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Unlock AI-powered innovation

Our Data Science services enable innovative AI-/ML-powered solutions using deep expertise in machine learning models, algorithms, and cognitive technologies.

ML Model Development

Build machine learning systems that use a variety of supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement, and self- and mixed-learning algorithms for prediction, classification, regression, clustering, anomaly detection, feature learning, and association rules.

Recommender Systems

Build machine learning-driven recommender systems that utilize historical interactions and attributes of items and users to provide accurate, actionable, and personalized user recommendations.

Deep Learning Neural Networks

Develop specialized deep learning neural network models with layered algorithms to learn from large amounts of data and make intelligent decisions that improve with time.

Cognitive Solutions

Build solutions leveraging cognitive technologies, including computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation.

Augmented Analytics

Use machine learning and AI to automate and enhance analytics across all phases of the data lifecycle.


Extend DataOps practices to AI/ML ModelOps for managing the model lifecycle from development to deployment, monitoring, retraining for performance optimization, and management.

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Technologies & Platforms

We use these technologies to create solutions for our clients.