Digital Wave Puts the Emphasis More Than Ever on Choice, Speed and Flexibility

Aiming for a niche space in the Silicon Valley, IT solutions and services company, Infogain has been making rapid strides with a double digit growth. In an interview with CIOL, Sunil Bhatia, CEO, Infogain spoke about how digital transformation is encompassing the enterprise world and how the company hopes to build its future on this new digitization wave.

How has Blue Star Infotech acquisition helped the company in terms of solution integration?
The whole mantra of Blue Star Infotech was to become a very focused, niche tech provider. The value proposition of Bluestar Infotech was ‘small enough to listen and big enough to deliver’ -where we bring speed agility and deep innovation.

Infogain’s acquisition of Blue Star Infotech further cemented the company’s expertise in digital transformation offerings, particularly in the areas of Cloud, Mobility, Usability and Analytics. Blue Star Infotech’s strong presence in Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare and Product Engineering space, with a portfolio of solutions and frameworks, further added to Infogain’s capabilities. The combined entity positions us to gain the critical mass and traction required to deliver large-scale, high-end projects.

How digital transformation is changing the traditional enterprise tech space?
We are on the cusp of one of the biggest and most disruptive technological transitions of all times. Moving ahead businesses would have to integrate digital into strategy or they risk getting disrupted by competition. Great proof is GE, an industrial giant, the company has gone on record stating that it wants to be a large digital company a proof of which is the recent GE/Microsoft announcement for IoT & Cloud.

Business models are changing rapidly and there is a shift in the way we interact with our customers and how products and services are delivered and consumed today. Technology is enabling enterprises to take real time complex decisions, convert capital expenditure to operating expenditure, anywhere anytime access, reducing response time and creating multiple touch points to reach out to customers.

The emphasis is now on speed, flexibility and choice more than ever and the comparisons are frequently with the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook, even in enterprise space.

What is Infogain 2.0?
The core idea behind Infogain 2.0 is to take the theme of Automation and intelligence to next level. We have planned fixed pillars around which we hope to work and build this over.

a. First is focusing on automation and Intelligence

b. Then there is co-Innovation model  where we work on innovation through workshops with our customers. You could also call it joint CoEs.

c. Consulting & solution led approach

d. Then is digital acceleration to build solutions and platforms critical for digital era

e. Lastly, we are adopting a String of Pearls approach to build partnerships and strengthening alliances. This includes both well-established partnerships with the likes of Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAS and also leveraging startup ecosystem with names like Mulesoft, etc.

Can you give some examples of how you are adding value to clients?
We recently developed a new solution ‘One Search’ for corporate travel management companies. One Search’ is a Big Data Analytics solution implementing machine learning algorithms that will make travel booking easier by reducing search time for travel products from disparate data sources. The solution also provides personalized recommendations for hotels, flights, car rentals, leisure activities and places of interest by leveraging data from social media and data sources that capture purchase behavior of travelers.

In the Insurance vertical, the team developed a voice-based mobile app and pattern analysis solution for a leading software company for its claims handling business.

Infogain is aggressively investing in its client relationships and we are helping clients to move up the value chain by partnering with them in their digital innovations journey.

What are the future challenges and priorities for Infogain?
In the current scenario, the first challenge for all of us in the enterprise world is the political saga unleashing in the US with new President at the helm. But personally, as the CEO of the company, my main priority at the moment is to remain focused and nimble. In the industry that is consolidating fast, I keep asking myself how do we keep adding value to our customers.

News Originally Posted on: CIOL