Solving Business Challenges with Digital Twins Isn’t Science Fiction. It’s Now.

Digital Twin of a Customer | Webinar

Tap the Power of Digital Twin of Customer (DToC), a Transformational Technology

Join our 60-minutes-long webinar to understand the potential and practical applications of the digital twins of a customer (DToC) technology, one of the Top 25 Transformational Technologies.

Register to learn:

  • How you can use this capability to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • How DToC technology processes real-time data live across departments
  • How you can reduce time to market or product development time and improve product quality
  • How you can optimize product assortment for various customer segments and micro-segments
  • For a customer that’s already buying a certain product, how you can design an optimal complementary product
  • How greater personalization in your marketing campaigns will improve customer retention rates


Register for the event by clicking on this link: