On AI-enabled platforms

Grow customer relationships in automated, personalized, scalable, omni-channel campaigns—without relying on IT. Infogain and Revel enable you to optimize marketing programs based on AI-driven insights. Reduce duplicative work, evolve strategies in real time, and manage cross-channel campaigns from one place.

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Move more merchandise

Infogain and Revel integrate AI-enabled marketing platforms that extract insights so you can focus your Sales teams on the best prospects, then trigger sales calls at exactly the right time.

Get better insights—without calling IT

Enrich customer profiles in real time and create more accurate segments to support evolving strategies. Customize how you collect data, segment audiences, and personalize experiences to turn insights into action across channels.

Engage customers on their terms

Leverage native, online, and offline channels to connect with customers. Align event marketing strategies to online experiences, then expand across paid media to treat new contacts like customers. Automatically analyze, discover and optimize keywords to drive traffic without SEO expertise.

Drive engagement with data

Boost conversion rates and funnel velocity, improve the buyer experience, get more—and better—leads, and help Sales turn qualified prospects into new customers.

Improve experiences across the customer journey

Align Sales and marketing to improve performance, increase Sales productivity, keep the brand experience consistent across more stages of the buyer journey, then prioritize and engage the right prospects.

More insights, less noise

Flexible reporting lets you pick your attribution model. Map and measure the customer journey to identify messages, channels, and campaigns that maximize ROI.