Build the right platform

Infogain and Revel design and configure platforms that support the entire customer journey. Attract more customers then engage, convert, and retain them. Meet them wherever they go with personalized omnichannel campaigns on any device.

Revel human-centered design powers Infogain customers
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Climb the maturity scale

Deliver content at scale faster using scalable, agile, AI-driven content management systems. Easily manage thousands of assets to create, deliver, and optimize personalized experiences, then share them with every audience on any device.

Cut response times to meet customer needs

Deliver personalized content at scale with AI-enabled automation. Collaborate more quickly across teams, automate low-value tasks from intake to delivery, and rapidly flex your content to work on any device and channel.

Personalize experiences across channels

Scalable content management lets you leverage data to make every customer experience meaningful and memorable. Quickly publish to webpages and apps, reuse and adapt content on the fly, and connect with people on their favorite channels.