High Technology

Driving tomorrow's high-tech enterprise

The global high tech ecosystem is undergoing fascinating change, including disrupting technologies, newer business models, complex partnerships and improved development methods.With more than a dozen clients from the Silicon Valley 150, Infogain's high tech services drive faster time to market, business processes automation, sales/service channel efficiency, supply chain agility and financial compliance. Infogain's customized solutions lead to increased ROI for high tech companies and differentiated experiences for their customers.

Oracle Knowledge for High Tech

Today's Challenge

Fast and accurate delivery of information is crucial to an excellent customer experience. For many companies, however, the goal of reduced customer resolution times and easier employee access to information is a challenge. Valuable information is often hidden among a variety of systems, applications and databases.

Infogain's Solution

With experience implementing and upgrading Oracle Knowledge Management at various Fortune 500 High Tech firms, Infogain helps High Tech companies solve their CRM challenges across the globe. Our expertise combined with the OKM product's advanced and scalable search capabilities consistently improve the High Tech customer experience, leading to increased productivity and reduced operating costs.We offer end-to-end Oracle Knowledge Management solutions, including:
  • Solution upgrades and enterprise system (SAP and Siebel) integrations
  • SOA-based integrations (Salesforce)
  • Implementation and integrations of support portals
  • Content migration
  • Language tuning consultancy
  • Ongoing system support


Leveraging the Infogain and Oracle Knowledge Management partnership, clients empower their sales and service agents to succeed by providing:
  • Improved Search Accuracy
  • Increased productivity, with no need to switch between applications
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased insight into customer behavior with detailed reports
  • Reduced operating costs (training and research time)
  • Maximizes cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Increased resolution accuracy
Case Study : Oracle Knowledge Management Implementation Leads to a Better Customer Experience and Increased Helpdesk Efficiency Close

Product Support for Software Companies

Today'S Challenge

Product support is a key component of the user experience and can be a driver for customer retention and upgrades.Considering the often-complex nature of software products, VPs of Operations at software companies require a provider that can provide a high level of technical competence, often during multiple interactions, supported by a structured problem-solving approach.

Infogain's Solution

Leveraging its established staffing and facilities infrastructure, Infogain provides up to 24x7 product support for end-users, following a multi-tiered ITSM-based support model and typically delivering 15-minute response, 4-hour resolution of priority 1 critical incidents.


Infogain's software company clients experience the following benefits:
  • Rapid, professional, and courteous handling of user issues
  • Intelligence gathering through issue knowledge base
  • Regular communication and smooth coordination with level 3 team
  • Continuous improvement in the support operations process, yielding cost savings / bandwidth for other value-add activities.
Case Study : Infogain's Product Engineering Services Helped Improve Productivity & Cost Effectiveness For A Globally Known Healthcare ISV Close

Product Development for Software Companies

Today's Challenge

Your goal is to get to a market-leading position quickly yet to also ensure that you have a product that is robust and well designed to compel customers to purchase, users to use, and investors to invest.

Infogain's Solution

Infogain is leading software development partner that is well known to firms who are seeking to invest in market leading software products. We offer end-to-end product development using the latest development tools, including SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, JAVA /J2EE, .NET, AJAX and Flex, and techniques such as Agile development and continuous integration. Infogain's automation tools include automated build process, automated deployment, and automated test drives, maximizing returns and minimizing project risks.


Software companies partnering with Infogain achieve the following advantages over other outsourced partners:
  • Market-leading software products built using best-in-class approaches
  • Improved outcomes due to Infogain's pro-active suggestions to improve product development and introduce new market-leading functionalities
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased bandwidth to focus on product roadmaps and other high value activities.
Case Study : Infogain's Product Engineering Services Helped Improve Productivity & Cost Effectiveness For A Globally Known Healthcare ISV Close

Why Infogain

  • Experience and expertise in telecommunications, cloud, wireless, electronics, hardware, and software sectors
  • High Tech team size of 700+, serving more than 30 clients
  • Experienced Agile partner, with 25+ active High Tech scrum teams
  • World-class expertise and experience with Oracle Knowledge implementations, upgrades, integration, and managed services
  • Service delivery across US, India, and Europe
  • Gold Partner of Oracle; Silver Partner of Salesforce.com

Case Study : Network storage giant unifies customer/partner/ internal support channel for oracle e-business suite based quoting and ordering system

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