Is There a ‘Silicon Renaissance’ on the Horizon?

Authored by Cathy Chandhok, VP of Marketing

Every year I eagerly await the Top 10 Tech Trends event by Churchill Club, it is exciting and gives a slight peek into the future! I didn’t get a chance to attend this year, so I watched the event on YouTube instead.  The referee uniforms were great!

On a more serious note, Naveen Chaddha’s predictions about the renaissance of silicon were very interesting.  I had not previously heard much about DPUs, i.e. data processing units, which are chips that far outstrip traditional CPU performance for handling data intensive applications and large data streams such as Netflix, etc.  Perhaps Pradeep Sindhu’s Fungible will become one of the new industry giants Chaddha predicts will emerge; the abstract of the company’s DPU patent application (US Patent Application 20190012350) is a good read for further detail.”

Cathy continued, “Aside from DPUs, Chaddha mentioned two additional major trends in chips, namely the emerging development of chips specifically for ML and ultra-low-power chips for IOT applications.  This makes sense to me.  In fact, a report by Tractica indicates cloud-based AI chipsets will account for $14.6 billion in revenue by 2025.

I also agree with the event co-host Rich Karlgaard, who at the start of the evening mentioned the quiet rise of the enterprise software companies.  That did not end up coming up among the panelists, but I agree with Karlgaard that it is a non-obvious trend, and it seems like it may transform the silicon, software, and device marketplace.  The evolving chip market may further boost this trend: Apple has created its own chips for years, and Chaddha mentions that Google, Facebook and Microsoft have also started.  By creating their own chips these mammoth companies are increasing their competitive differentiation, reducing their reliance on suppliers, and further strengthening their already huge market power.

Another exciting trend was the 'Rise of Functional Medicine'. Brian Ascher, while supporting this trend, mentioned the use of devices to measure blood sugar levels and coaches to help control Type 2 diabetes. We see a significant rise in healthcare products, such as Dexcom’s glucose monitoring device; launches in this category were also prominent at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (check out our commentary on the best CES launches in our blog).”

Infogain is excited to work with our partners and clients on disruptive digital technologies that transform marketplaces, leverage platform technologies and reframe business processes.  As an example, we recently deployed and integrated an RPA Platform to Google Cloud for a world leading digital hospitality marketplace. As a part of the trend, we see many enterprises opt for cloud services and invest in a cloud strategy.

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