Infogain Increases Focus on Human Resource Management Program for Industry Beginners By Partnering with Symposia – Rethink 2017

Infogain, a leading provider of technology solutions and services has partnered with Symposia- Rethink 2017. The symposium’s purpose is to facilitate the increasing focus in HR regarding the changing paradigm of talent acquisition across industry sectors. Mr. Anupam Jauhari, Vice President HR, Infogain India presented at IB Symposia – ReThink 2017 on the topic Human Resource Management: The Changing Paradigms of Talent Acquisition. The annual event by IISAC (Industry Interaction and Student Activity Committee), Delhi School of Economics, and Delhi University was held on September 9, 2017. Ms. Jayamalini Ramaratnam, Director-HR, CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd, and Ritu Grover, CEO, The Global Helpdesk also joined the panel discussion. The panel discussed the crucial role of social media in hiring, in addition to giving advice on how to become a successful employee for any organization.

Mr. Anupam Jauhari, Vice President-Human Resources at Infogain said, “Human resources are critical for success of any organization. Retaining and nurturing quality talent is the biggest challenge for HR leaders in any industry. The IT industry has witnessed major changes in the recent past. On one hand we have an acute shortage of skills in niche tech areas, while on the other hand it is a large task to re-skill existing employees to match the changing requirements of businesses. The role of HR becomes more important in these times in order to guide, coach and help employees to ensure they make progress in their chosen career path.”

Anupam also discussed how companies are more cautious with hiring by focusing on acquiring specific skillset; and not merely increasing headcount. He shared specific tips on how students can better prepare themselves to match the requirements of today’s employers that included learning continuously, developing their communication skills or exploring new areas of work.

— The writer is VP, HR, Infogain

News Originally Posted on: CIO REVIEW