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Engineering Business Outcomes

Engineering Business Outcomes
For over 28 years, we have helped enterprises to increase revenues, improve speed-to-market, reduce cost, reduce risk and enable innovation.


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Infogain’s software products have resulted in increased revenue for clients. For a leading T&H company, we developed software modules that led to new revenue streams resulting in a 75% increase over a period of 13 years.

Our clients leverage Infogain’s engineering products to generate cost savings by lowering their IT spend. A leading data storage company generated 35% cost savings with Infogain’s engineering productivity and global delivery models.
Speed to Value

Agility is at the core of what we do, ensuring faster speed-to-market for our client’s product releases. For a global insurance company, our DevOps and Scale Agile frameworks helped transform their development environment by reducing software release cycles from months to weeks.

We help our clients reduce risk with our software & testing solutions . Our UAP test automation platform reduced software rollbacks for a leading travel technology company.

Our Engineering DNA gives us the competitive advantage to be innovative in what we deliver. The world’s most valued brand trusted Infogain’s architects to roll out a massive content translation innovative technology in over 100+ countries
Great Design

All Infogain engineers are trained to think about creating an appealing design to ensure a great customer experience.

We know that a great design alone is not enough. If you want to predict consumer behaviors, an appealing design must be supported by concrete data and insights.

Our engineers understand that consumers are constantly on the move, so we create solutions that are available anytime, anywhere.
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Delivered Significant Savings in License Cost and Test Execution Effort

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