A Fortune 100 personal computer and developer with hundreds of global project teams relied on a platform with poor operational performance and high maintenance issues due to legacy applications and infrastructure.

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The client has hundreds of global project teams

The platform was used for critical functions — creating a quote, adding customer information, adding products, getting prices, and updating quantity — between the client, its customers, and partners. QA performance testing metrics were manually entered, a tedious process prone to human errors. Operational costs were too high.


The Infogain Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Studio automated the process with bots, including synthetic monitoring and testing. Using Selenium -- a powerful automation tool -- we created eight bots to perform the myriad of predefined steps needed in the customer's journey.

We built seven analytics dashboards using Elasticsearch Kibana to capture metrics and data insights to improve client monitoring of the overall operation, including customized alerts based on breach times for Service Level Agreements.

Our solution was executed on Amazon Web Services serverless technology, and integrated AWS OpenSearch for analytics, application monitoring and analysis. Fully automated pipelines provide CI/CD Integration. The Infrastructure as Code process allowed for superior deployment and easy maintenance.

Infogain’s task force of cloud and analytics specialists automated the infrastructure over a 12-month timeline, including deployment, maintenance, and support.


  • Leadership can now identify bottlenecks as they develop.   
  • Users receive enhanced experience regardless of their location.  
  • 24/7 performance monitoring with alerts published every three hours.  
  • Customized visual dashboards monitor transaction-level interactions.   
  • 50%

    reduction in manual testing efforts
  • 67%

    lower infrastructure costs
  • 24/7

    automated alerts on system status