Our client is an Australian power company making a play into the global solar market.

The solution we installed surpassed expectations in Australia and is heading to the US.

They use real-time data analytics and machine learning to help customers use less energy and lower their monthly bills. Due to the myriad devices, protocols and measurements at home and internationally, they needed a turnkey solution that could tell users how much they were saving in dollars instead of kilowatts.


Our solution configures, manages, and monitors devices at residential homes and commercial locations. We designed both the consumer-facing interfaces and the backend tools that collect and parse data. The platform can handle millions of smart sensor data points, and that number is estimated to grow to trillions by 2025.

After surpassing expectations in the Australian market, our team has created a version for the US market.

The entire solution was architected with a serverless framework in the AWS cloud for significant cost savings and ease in management and deployment.

Our technical innovations included:

  • A data pipeline framework to capture API data issues by any IoT device or system.
  • Answers appear on the dashboard in milliseconds.
  • Active monitoring of all a site's solar devices and alerts in case one fails.
  • Securing all end-user personal data inside the client's VPN.
  • APIs directly feed the mobile application.


  • Address consumer cost and global environmental needs
  • Speak to users in measurements they understand (dollars) and include the wide variety of energy device options they have
  • Create infrastructure that can handle trillions of real-time data points
  • Parse data from smart devices automatically through their APIs as they are ingested
  • Trillions

    Datapoints ultimately monitored
  • 25,000

    Sites joining the platform by 2025
  • 223.3 billion

    USD Global solar market by 2026 (est.)