Our client, a US-based multinational retailer, operates 11,000-plus hypermarkets and stores. It needed a way to see marketing and media outreach effectiveness across online and offline sales and for new customers for a specific brand.


Our client operates over 11,000 hypermarkets and stores in the US and needed to improve its media marketing plans.

The retailer also needed an integrated approach to media mix modeling so marketers could test what-if scenarios and develop media marketing plans to optimize budget and increase additional sales.


The Infogain Data & AI Studio developed a completely automated media mix modelling simulator and optimizer to uncover how marketing budget shifts could lift sales.

To help our client quantify short-term impact of each activity via time-series analysis, we used lag, adstock, and s-curve to capture media impact on sales and other outcomes.

This revealed, for example, that ~6% of sales were driven by incremental activities; going a bit deeper showed that sponsored products were the most successful driver.


Our tool has recommended shifts to drive a projected 28 percent increase in new customers, and helped stakeholders identify key media drivers, performance basis, and effectiveness. Now marketers can discover the impact of online advertising on sales units (online, offline, and for new customers) and correctly determine the ROI for various media vehicles (contextual, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and develop optimal media execution ranges. They can also optimize their media budget while maximizing returns with single- and multi-objective optimization and analyze year-over-year growth and do a deep dive into how various media activities are panning out. Finally, they can test scenarios and develop media marketing plans to optimize budget and increase additional sales.

  • 28%

    new customer increase
  • 1

    automated simulator
  • 11,000

    hypermarkets and stores

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