Our Canadian client wanted a more modern web interface and mobile applications for its charitable giving platform. Donors are empowered with tools and resources to plan and support their favorite charities from a single account.

People helping with donation box setup

The client’s charity work is a billion-dollar business.

The client, managed by a public foundation, wanted to give donors a better online experience and increase donations by transforming its brand from a charitable giving application to a socially connected charitable bank. They also needed to achieve an omnichannel presence, introduce social networking features, and be able to generate reports.


Our team re-architected and redesigned the Ruby on Rails legacy platform. We migrated the system to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and developed microservices architecture, mobile applications, responsive web UI, and new social functionality.

We collaborated with research, UX/UI branding design, project management, engineering, DevOps, architecture, mobile automation, IT, and marketing teams. Additional solutions:

  • Built a data lake to harvest disparate sources and formats of data (e.g., Salesforce, customer integrations, platform logs), and analytical data marts for improved decision-making and reporting
  • Developed a framework automation test library for mobile and web UI
  • Implemented security and data layer optimizations for improved platform performance
  • Increased omnichannel presence with Android and iOS mobile applications and features
  • Rebranded and redesigned the user interface with an award-winning UX design
  • Utilized QA automation for efficient regression testing during peak giving season for donations, with no down time
  • Developed a framework development automation test library for mobile and web UI


  • Better scalability and optimized costs with migration to AWS
  • Increased donations to $1B
  • Reduced delivery timelines
  • 176K

    donors contributed
  • 12.5K

    charities helped
  • $1.1B

    donations received