Our client was a major player in on-premises data storage solutions.


Our client shifted to a cloud-first data-transfer-as-a-service business model in less than a year.

It needed to reimagine its business model to PaaS and offer services around that. It had a plan for a secure, seamless product, but it would have resulted in massive overhead.


The Infogain Experience Design (XD) Studio helped this client prepare its change in business models by developing a strategy, assessing financial impact, and developing a GTM plan that solved for a new offering portfolio, sales enablement and readiness updates, and change management efforts.

Then the Infogain Digital Engineering Studio built an MVP platform enabling seamless data movement, storage, security, and protection across the entire ecosystem. We created a landing zone and a microservices app to manage edge computing devices. Then we built a container platform on Azure using Kubernetes and refactored the client’s existing app to be compatible with the platform.

This revealed the potential value of moving straight to the cloud with a business model based on consumption and subscriptions. We conceptualized and built an end-to-end platform from registration to services, billing, and support, using Azure technologies with the vision of connecting product usage, security and health, operational and transactional tracking, customer support, and fleet inventory management with a single-view sign-on.

We also provided an InfoSec-enabled solution with product-ready code, fully automated DevOps, and deployment topology.


In less than a year, our client shifted to a cloud-first data-transfer-as-a-service business model and is now working to support enterprise availability.

We’re also working to create an ecommerce portal for this client to sell the range of new services that it now offers.

We created the foundation for the client’s entire cloud offering, developing and onboarding its ecommerce hub in under three months.

We also provide managed ops and cloud-native app dev services and are developing a roadmap to support other areas of the business.

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