Based in Atlanta, our client is a provider of automated clearing house (ACH) services, which processes over 900,000 transactions each month for its payments clients. For more than 20 years, our client has helped large, small, and virtual merchants accept traditional and nontraditional forms of payment.

Our client handles nearly a million payments transactions per month

An acquisition exposed problems with the performance and scalability of our client’s existing payment processing platform, which was built on older technology. The platform was unreliable: transactions got lost within the system, subjecting the client to third-party audits and inquiries.

To better compete in the emerging fintech market and meet business demand for new payment models, our client engaged Infogain to build a modern payment processing platform to enable customers with increased payment options, simplified processing, enhanced ops, better security, and PCI-compliance—and power its future digital financial products. 


As we determined our approach, we recognized the need for scalable, elastic, secure, and PCI-compliant solutions to help our client not only address its current needs but also evolve at digital speed and deliver innovative new fintech solutions with accelerated time to market.

We replaced the legacy technology with a next-generation payment processing platform built with modern microservices and serverless architectures, using Containers on Azure, Azure App Service, Azure Functions, and other cloud services. The cloud-native merchant apps are deployed with Azure App Service for Containers, and the payment processing engine runs on Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, Azure Batch, and Azure Cosmos DB to enable distributed transaction ingestion and processing.


  • Transaction ingestion engine architected to ingest 1,500 transactions per minute
  • Cost-efficient operations leveraging Azure Functions to scale on demand, while charging only for additional computing capacity during peak traffic
  • Built processing system with the ability to scale 100 times over 5 years to expand operations at minimal cost
  • Leveraged Azure PaaS services to achieve PCI compliance
  • Built next generation payment processing platform on Azure technology
  • On-demand scaling for minimal cost
  • 1,500

    transactions INGESTED PER MINUTE
  • 100x

    scalability in 5 years
  • 1

    next-gen platform

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