The Power of Enterprise Knowledge Management

Mere centuries ago, English author, courtier and philosopher Sir Francis Bacon coined the popular phrase “knowledge is power.” That phrase can certainly parallel the power of harnessing your company’s knowledge content, by enabling your call center agents to provide your customers with the specific answer they are seeking in a timely manner. One proven way to empower your call center agents and customers is by utilizing the power of Oracle’s Knowledge Management (OKM) and the end-to-end implementation services of Infogain.

Many consumers use a variety of methods to contact customer service, with the Web at the top of the list. According to an online paper from Oracle, titled Benefits of Web Self Service, most companies are not doing enough to improve their Web and social support sites and guide their customers to self-service options that fit their needs. “Empowering consumers to serve themselves online not only increases customer satisfaction, but reduces support costs by more than 50x—the average support call costs $5.50 versus $.10 for a Web interaction.”  That is an amazing return on investment!

At Infogain, we’ve completed over 45 OKM implementations worldwide and we have witnessed our clients experience greater customer loyalty and true cost savings with each project. Our clients continue to report improvements due to Oracle Knowledge implementation at their company, including:

  • Up to 58% increase in search accuracy leading to increased productivity
  • Up to a 25% reduction in agent training time leading to higher user satisfaction
  • Up to 30% reduction in average call handling time
  • Savings from call deflection through the use of the OKM web self-service portal 
  • Valuable insight into customer behavior
  • Maximized cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • The value of having Infogain as a hosted partner
  • Reduction in legal and regulatory costs and exposure
  • Higher CSAT scores
  • Powerful analytical reporting by review, channels, categories, search topics, user segments and teams (OKM Contact Deflection feature)

We encourage you to invest in a smart Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution such as Oracle Knowledge that will pay for itself in greater customer loyalty, lower call center agent turnover and dramatically lower cost savings.

Infogain has the world’s largest team of OKM experts and we have successfully deployed OKM at Fortune 500 companies all over the world.   Our end-to-end Oracle Knowledge services include implementation, integration and customization, upgrades and production lifecycle services. Visit to learn how you can harness the power of your organization’s knowledge content.

By Cathy Chandhok
Director, Marketing and International Sales


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