Usability Engineering

Good usability and user experience design can make your customer’s digital experience fast, intuitive and rewarding. A successful user-centric design functions as the adhesive that attracts the consumer to a product/application across mobile devices, laptops and other platforms. Research indicates that without usability engineering, software development costs can surge by up to 60%, making it a valuable investment.Infogain’s Creative Imagineering (CI) team delivers creative, imaginative, compelling and highly targeted user experiences that result in robust user productivity and satisfaction. Our multi-disciplinary skills are rooted in a deep understanding of how cognitive science, art, aesthetics, technology and strategy work together.

Usability Engineering Solutions & Services Making Designs Come to Life

Infogain specializes in building user centric web sites, web portals, web/desktop applications and mobile apps that are intuitive, engaging and simple to use.

Usability Analysis and Consulting

  • Information Architecture and Consulting
  • Use Research and Task Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Expert Evaluation

User Experience Design

    • User Interface Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Digital Branding
    • Interactive services

Accessibility Services

  • Technical and user limitations
  • Legal and regulatory compliance

Creative Practice

    • Proof of Concept to demonstrate how technology can improve user experience
    • Whitepapers to help generate sales-leads, educate customers and make a business case
    • Frameworks and Reusable Components to help lower the cost of development
    • Trainings and Blogs to disseminate the knowledge gained

Design Services

  • Elegant designs of internal applications, web sites, internal and external portals, and software products used in e-commerce, enterprise operations, customer support, sales, HR, and more.
  • Digital Brand Consulting & Designing: logos, color schemes, look and feel, screen layouts, screen flow, visuals selections, custom buttons, custom images/video/infographics
  • Rich Internet Application Design: WPF, Silverlight, Flash, jQuery, HTML5 based interactive application, Bootstrap, CSS, Javascript, and more.

Integration, Testing and Analytics

  • UI Modernization: Change the UI/UX for Legacy application
  • UI Integration Service: Integrate design into defined technology and CMS
  • Mobile/Tablet Application: Innovative UX Design to fit native gestures and controls
  • SharePoint and SFDC design and integration: WPF, Silverlight, Flash, jQuery, HTML5 based interactive application
  • Usability and Accessibility Testing: Heuristic evaluation, Expert review, ADA and 508 standard compliance
  • Web Analytics and SEO: Search Engine Optimization, Front-end coding from SEO perspective to get traffic.


In addition to Infogain’s methodologies and best practices, we provide these business benefits:
  • Better and engaging customer experience
  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • Fast and reliable user interface
  • Expert evaluation & competitor analysis
  • Precision results due to Usability testing with eye tracking

Client Success

The client, a chocolate manufacturer in North America with more than 80 brands around the world and $7.4 billion in annual revenues, needed a customer-friendly booking UI to improve their booking ratio. Other challenges included: the need to sell ancillary services, better website navigation and a pricing and availability option. We provided an optimized reservation path designed to display the available properties; highly functional, aesthetic booking interface with one click access to price and availability; and a user interface designed to promote client experience and values.Contact us for more information

Why Infogain

  • Outstanding usability and design team, brimming with curiosity, creativity, and user-centric perspective
  • Experience with high tech, travel& hospitality, retail, and insurance/healthcare &life sciences industries
  • Fortune 5, Fortune 50, and Fortune 500 company experience
  • Onsite solutions expertise
  • 80+ Certified and/or skilled Usability Engineering team members
  • Global experience and delivery
  • Notable strategic partnerships
Case Study : The client achieves a one click, intuitive, branded application with next generation touch enabled UI
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