Native, hybrid, and web

Focus on productivity, engagement, and affinity with great user experiences. Infogain mobile services enable you to create responsive apps for enterprise and business customers.

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Enterprise grade

Design centralized platforms to deploy native, web, or hybrid mobile apps, and automate patches and upgrades:

  • Multi-platform, multi-device architecture design
  • Centralized platforms for multi-app deployment
  • BYOD and security policies
  • App usage visibility, alerting, and reporting
Rich experience

Design for comprehensive mobile experiences based on app type, functionality, audiences, and expected interactions for:

  • Native vs. hybrid design
  • Integration of available device features
  • Optimization of device storage and memory
Mobile web experience

Our solutions provide responsive designs optimized for:

  • Navigability and readability
  • Download times
  • Touch-based interaction
Contextual experience

Design context-rich apps that use customer preferences, situations, and attitudes based on emotions implied by their actions:

  • Functionality-, audience-, and interaction-based design
  • Use of native UI elements and patterns
  • Cross-platform application development
Voice-based interactions

Design apps with voice-based interactions for hands-off and eyes-off use with:

  • API development for Apple Siri and Google Now
  • Voice-based apps for fitness, automobiles, etc.
Mobile-connected interaction

Develop apps for wearables, devices, and IoT solutions for home automation, commercial building control, machine control, automobiles, personal health, and more through:

  • Secure communications via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • Rules-based automatic control of sensors and devices
  • Real-time alerts through bridge/gateway or direct connectivity
Cloud-powered development

Leverage cloud-enabled mobile and backend services to deliver rich, robust performance using:

  • Server-side auto scaling
  • Push notifications
  • Offline sync
  • Access to on-premises data, and more
Multi-device testing

Identify bottlenecks by testing on actual devices to ensure security across devices and OS variants, while addressing:

  • Wireless switching
  • VPN drops/restarts and walk-away
  • Switching between apps