Salesforce Solutions

In today’s customer-centric market, customer engagement is the key to unlocking your company’s true digital potential. Businesses that are able to leverage cloud, Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) are the ones that succeed in unlocking the true potential of customer engagement as a strategy.  While there are many technology options in this space, is the customer engagement platform chosen by more than 150,000 enterprises worldwide.  At Infogain, our skilled and experienced professionals help you realize the true potential of your Salesforce investments. 

Salesforce Solutions

As a registered partner of with close to decade of experience and many successful engagements, Infogain provides consulting, integration, implementation, assessment and support services.Our suite of services helps you fine tune your existing Salesforce implementation or embark on a new journey on the Salesforce cloud. Our unified customer engagement framework helps seamlessly integrate your sales, service, marketing, custom and social clouds, delivering a unified experience to all customer facing solutions. Our SFDC user experience and analytics capabilities deliver actionable customer insights and better engaged customer.  Our areas of focus include:

SFDC Integration Services

Today’s Challenge

Global enterprises have multiple processes running simultaneously and for seamless running all the processes need to merge together to create smooth customer experience.


Infogain’s 200-person-strong integration team offers specialized services to integrate your SFDC environment with surrounding internal and external systems:
  • Integration with ERP systems: Infogain delivers a Salesforce ERP integration solution that lets organizations automate processes and create seamless connectivity.
  • CTI integration: Infogain builds on Salesforce CTI to help your contact center increase agent productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • LiveOps integration: With Salesforce LiveOps integration your contact center is seamlessly integrated into your CRM delivering an engaging customer experience and improved agent productivity.
  • Integration with external data sources: Integrate Salesforce data and external data to visualize and derive intelligent business insights.
  • Salesforce Knowledge Management: services including integrating, extending and developing custom solutions. Knowledge Management services include search optimization, content curation, and governance.
  • Infogain Salesforce Managed Services: Ensures the health of your Salesforce processes and support systems through a broad array of managed services.


Infogain delivers SFDC services to meet technological and customer expectations, creating competitive edge, optimizing investments to drive growth:
  • Pre-built accelerators and framework helping achieve faster time-to-market
  • Agile methodologies reducing cost of development.
  • Easily scale-up or scale-down as per business needs.
  • Optimizing business performance and operational efficiency with Infogain SFDC Integration services

Why Infogain

  • ~10 years CRM Experience
  • Multiple global, transformational projects successfully executed on
  • Practice with over 100 consultants
  • CRM specialists certified by
  • Showcase projects presented at Dreamforce
  • SFDC Innovation centers for Service and Custom Clouds
  • SFDC industry solutions with healthcare, finance, high tech and retail
  • Proven dual-shore delivery model

Salesforce Service Cloud


Customer success executives and their teams are measured against customer experience improvements and identification of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Organizations are challenged to empower customer support agents with case resolution content, in addition to simplifying case and resolution access mechanisms and workflows. To effectively address these needs, companies engage Infogain to provide ServiceCloud implementations and integration with on-premise solutions.


With more than two decades of CRM engineering experience and in-depth ServiceCloud expertise, Infogain provides ServiceCloud implementations that improve the customer experience.Our solutions cover:
  • Unique issue-to-resolution processes
  • Robust custom CTI integration with 80 + most popular telephony system with using open CTI
  • Implementing multi-channel support – email, chat, web, scheduled call back, phone
  • Deploying content management system to provision How-to videos to solve customer issues
  • Expertise in Service Cloud agent live chat, social support and self-service portal implementation
  • Integration with customer collaboration platforms, such as Jive, to help customers solve their problems quickly
  • ServiceCloud implementation, integration with knowledge management systems and 24 x 7 managed services
  • Knowledge-centered support frameworks and value-adds
  • Connecting customer support systems using a integration bus so that the systems can exchange information seamlessly


With Infogain ServiceCloud solutions, customer success executives achieve an improved customer experience. Key benefits include: 
  • Business SLAs support through balance scorecard approach targeting first call resolution, improved customer experience and cost reduction models
  • ServiceCloud implementations in matter of weeks
  • Customer support agents empowerment with customer 360 degree view
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Modern user interface for customer interactions
  • Customer service from anywhere, any time, using any device

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Today's Challenge

Sales operations leadership teams are challenged with complex deals and sales eco systems especially in an environment that has B2B customers, distributors, and partners. This requires not just Sales Cloud implementation, but also a best-in-class customer experience. Additional requirements such as clean customer master data are critical for sales success.

Infogain's Solution

As a Silver Partner of Salesforce and with 20 years of CRM experience and objective insight, Infogain enables sales leadership teams to achieve improved sales process automation, monitoring and reporting by implementing Sales Cloud and PRM.  Our solution includes:
  • Implementation, configuration, and setup for all user types
  • Data migration from previous environment
  • Design and development of custom functionality that supports the complex sales hierarchies and partner environments
  • Integration with on-premise corporate systems and other cloud environments, including integration with backend applications to achieve seamless and visible quote to cash process
  • Implementing advanced quotation, sales forecasting, and commissioning modules
  • Providing 24 x 7 managed services


With Infogain SalesCloud solutions, sales operations leadership teams achieve optimized sales processes, improved sales reps performance, higher quality of customer data and overall improved customer experience. Close


With Infogain’s comprehensive strategies, industry-specific solutions, specialized solutions and accelerators and delivery center of excellence, our clients receive the following benefits:

  • Innovative solutions, agile delivery
  • Customer experience centric design
  • Multi-layered security design
  • Drive Increased customer satisfaction and accelerating sales and service efficiency levels
  • Reduced costs and faster ROI

Client Success

Infogain built a mix of standard and custom Salesforce functionalities to support the complex business environment for an interior design professional network. The result was an integrated, holistic customer view, consistent data and reporting, reduced cost of ownership and more manageable systems.

Why Infogain

  • 20+ years CRM experience
  • Multiple global, transformational projects successfully executed on
  • Showcase projects presented at Dreamforce
  • 100+ Salesforce practice team, deployed globally
  • CRM specialists certified by
  • SFDC Innovation centers for Service and Custom clouds
  • SFDC Industry solutions with healthcare, finance, high tech, and retail
  • Proven dual-shore delivery model

Webinar recording: Three Keys to Knowledge Management for Customer Support Success
With islands of information spread across multiple systems and repositories, organizations need an enterprise scale federated search, and one of the leading products in this space is Coveo. Coveo for Salesforce enables findability and relevance not only for the content stored in the SFDC knowledge base, but also content in multiple other sources, such as SharePoint, web sites and file shares throughout the organization.

Infogain, a partner of Coveo, recently hosted a thought leadership webinar focusing on the three elements of best-in-class knowledge management: search, content curation and governance. Click here to watch the recording.

Watch The Webinar Now

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