Mobilty Application Management

Today’s Challenge

Business unit operations directors and directors of applications want internal enterprise mobile applications to be available to employees and partners but face several challenges, including:

  • Managing an increasing number of mobile applications
  • Notifications for new and updated mobile applications
  • Role and department-based access

Infogain’s Solution

Developed to meet the unique needs of medium and large enterprise customers, Infogain’s solution is a framework called “IgAppGallery” an end-to-end appstore that effectively and securely distributes mobile applications to customers, partners, and employees. Features include:

  • Clients can host a custom branded version of igAppGallery client on their domain, enabling business users to download and install internal ios/android applications
  • LDAP-based security mechanism for user authentication
  • Web based Admin console to allow Admin Users to manage users and application access


Infogain’s Mobile Application Management solution helps the enterprise achieve control over the increasing amounts of mobile apps within their organization. Other benefits include:

  • Improved security
  • One-stop shop for distributing enterprise mobile applications
  • Reduced costs through centralized administration and fewer support tickets
  • Monitoring and reporting on trends in enterprise mobile app penetration within the organization
  • Simplified subscription through integrated account creation

Client Success

Schedule a demoof Infogain’s IgAppGallery today.

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