Drive innovation at the edge

IoT Intelligent Edge solutions improve on traditional IoT solutions with near real-time response, enable the ability to work in offline / intermittent connectivity environments, and leverage edge analytics and AI at the edge for making faster decisions.

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Make the edge more relevant

Infogain IoT Edge solutions allow data produced by sensor-rich assets to be pre-processed in real time closer to where it is created. They collect, transform, and analyze raw data and act on the insights in real time, driving significant cloud, analytics, and network cost savings.

Edge Applications

We build and deploy edge applications as container-based IoT edge modules. We also leverage analytics, cognitive, trained ML models, and custom logic capabilities.

Edge AI & Analytics

We use AI/ML to deploy analytics for complex event processing, autonomous operations, and anomaly detection.

Edge Security

Our edge solutions support capabilities for secure identities and credentials, trusted authentication, and granular authorization.