Automate and streamline delivery

Our architects, engineers, developers, and service desk specialists are experts in infrastructure, platform, and app dev. They provide services that automate, streamline, and manage IoT development and delivery.

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Continuous Development

We support app development, integration, testing, delivery, and deployment with Managed Services for IoT Platform and Infrastructure Ops.

Capabilities include:

  • Cloud and IoT solution deployment architecture
  • DevOps toolchain implementation
  • Test automation development
Azure IoT Platform Ops

We provide Managed Services for IoT Platform Ops covering connected devices, Azure IoT services, and IoT apps.

Capabilities include:

  • Proactive device, app, and IoT services monitoring
  • Platform configuration management
  • Platform security and resiliency management
Azure Managed Infrastructure Ops

Provides infrastructure configuration management, change and incident management, and 24/7 telemetry monitoring.

Capabilities include:

  • Azure hosting and infrastructure advisory
  • Proactive IaaS monitoring
  • IaaS and network configuration management
  • Infrastructure security, resiliency, and DR management
24/7 Cloud Operations Center

Our cloud help desk professionals support you as you run your cloud infrastructure securely, efficiently, and optimally.

Services include:

  • 24/7 service desk and L1 support
  • SLA-driven incident management
  • Disaster recovery coordination
  • Service scheduling and management
  • Metrics reporting
Proactive Device Monitoring
  • Device performance and availability monitoring
  • Device connectivity monitoring
  • Connectivity throughput monitoring
Real-Time Azure IoT Services Monitoring
  • Data ingestion and processing
  • Device control
  • Event processing
Proactive Connected App Monitoring
  • App performance monitoring
  • Platform and computer usage monitoring
  • Traffic and usage monitoring
Platform Configuration Management
  • Platform apps PaaS deployments
  • IoT Hub deployment
  • IoT analytics deployment
Platform Apps Continuous Integration Pipeline Management
  • App build pipeline automation
  • Unit testing, QA, and code analysis integration
  • DevOps CI toolchain maintenance and upgrade
Platform Apps Continuous Delivery Pipeline Management
  • Automated/orchestrated app release and deployment
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Maintenance and upgrades
Platform Security Management
  • App vulnerability scan platform remediation
  • Penetration testing platform remediation
  • Data at rest security management
Platform Resiliency & DR Management
  • Database replication management
  • DR for Azure IoT services and platform apps
  • Platform scaling management
Azure IoT Advisory
  • Azure spend analysis and optimization services
  • Periodic architecture review
  • Dedicated technical manager
  • Monthly/quarterly reviews
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Technology Expertise

We leverage industry-leading tools, technologies, and proprietary best practices to deliver managed IoT services backed by robust SLAs.

Firmware Diagnostics

  • Firmware instrumentation
  • Firmware native diagnostics
  • Azure IoT SDK customization

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Portal
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Stream Analytics