Make smarter decisions faster

Become an intelligence-driven enterprise faster with AI/ML-based products like AutoML, Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech API, TensorFlow, and BigQuery. Our services enable predictive analytics, data modernization, and visualization at scale.

  • AI-led customer intelligence
  • AI, ML, and deep-learning solutions
  • Intelligent recommendation engines
  • Failure and fraud prediction
  • NLP-assisted sentiment analysis
  • Predictive quality analytics
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Ingestion & Processing

Our solutions ingest and process large amounts of data stored in Blob, No-SQL, relational, data lakes, or HDFS.


Now users can run analytics on Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, and Apache Spark. Plus implement rules and algorithms to generate real-time alerts from streaming data.

Machine Learning

Build and deploy machine learning models for pattern and anomaly detection, outcome prediction, prescriptive, or optimization recommendations.

Automation & Intelligence

Build solutions for integrating machine learning output with intelligent systems and robotic automation apps or for stream processing new device data.

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Infogain’s expertise empowers enterprises, tech providers, and startups to build and deploy IoT analytics and intelligence solutions. The result is highly responsive integration with systems that provide automated and augmented actions.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset optimization and management
  • Remote monitoring