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New use cases pop up almost every day. Extensible platforms give you the flexibility to decide which ones to support and how to support them. 

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Infogain enables you to quickly develop intelligent IoT functionality on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

Configure Core IoT Platform

Leverage core IoT service capabilities to drive stability, performance, and reliability.

Capabilities include:

  • Device management
  • Device gateways
  • Rules engine
  • IoT Hub Configuration
  • Administrative controls
App & Business Logic

Build, integrate, and deploy app-specific functionality on the core IoT platform that meets business needs.

Capabilities include:

  • App libraries
  • 4GL platforms, C, Python, .NET, etc.
  • Business software integration
  • Cloud hosting and deployment
  • Web and mobile app development
Device Connectivity and Security

Connect devices, including non-internet-enabled devices, and exchange encrypted data and actions using industry standard protocols.

Capabilities cover:

  • Low/no computing resource devices
  • Secure remote management
  • Authenticated encryption
  • Identity and privacy management
Device Management

Implement device management, security, and provisioning from one scalable platform.

With Device Management, you can:

  • Manage device status
  • Deploy firmware updates
  • Maintain version control
  • Leverage encrypted communications
Telemetry Management

Leverage Azure and Google Cloud technology to process, store, and act on telemetry data.

Capabilities include:

  • Telemetry ingestion
  • Data storage
  • Stream processing
  • Analytics
  • Alerts and reports
User Management

Define access control rules for account-level information, including roles and permissions management.

Capabilities cover:

  • Role definitions
  • Authentications
  • Identity management
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Our teams rely on insights and knowledge gained from years of software development, cloud computing, big data analytics, and AI/ML, including on:

  • Azure IoT Solution Accelerators
  • Azure IoT Hub

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