Automate with richer interactions

Intelligent apps let you offer remote products that streamline workflow and process.

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App-Based Controls

Build, integrate, and deploy app-specific functionality for controlling and monitoring products via mobile apps or web-based apps, including: • Native app development on iOS and Android • App development platforms: C, Python, .NET, etc. • Cloud hosting and deployment

Device Firmware Development

Program, update, and integrate embedded firmware in microcontrollers and processors for IoT devices, wearables, and consumer devices.

Capabilities include:

  • Device driver development
  • BSP development
  • Protocol stack development
Voice Enablement

Integrate and extend voice-based platforms embedded in devices, apps, and products.

Capabilities cover:

  • Skills development
  • Hardware integration
  • Platforms: Alexa, Google Home
Autonomous Operations

Implement IoT Edge solutions with ML to create connected products that operate autonomously and improve through self-learning.

Capabilities cover:

  • IoT Edge Implementation
  • AI and ML
Intelligent App Development

Build self-learning apps that leverage AI/ML.

AI/ML-enabled apps constantly adapt and improve their interactions with end users, freeing your people to focus on higher-value tasks.

AI & Machine Learning

Use AI/ML to look for opportunities to be proactive.

Possibilities include predictive servicing, customer segmentation, risk management, predicting equipment breakdowns, and more in real time.

Digital Twins

Digital twins enable a predictive approach to managing assets.

Possibilities include maintenance and management, facilitate control and optimization, and gather insights to improve products and experiences.

Business System Integrations

Use REST APIs to integrate IoT systems for a broader view of customers, processes, assets, and inventory.

Use REST APIs to integrate IoT systems for a broader view of customers, processes, assets, and inventory.

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We empower enterprises and technology providers to build IoT platforms and apps that let users control, monitor, and interact with products, devices, and appliances.

  • Voice enablement
  • App-based controls
  • Device management
    • Enterprises and tech providers can leverage advanced AI/ML platforms to create products, apps, and systems that can learn and evolve as conditions change around them. Infogain services for smart manufacturing and industry enable you to create the smart products that consumers demand.

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