Digital Transformation

Digitally evolving customers are pushing corporations to transform --- profoundly changing the way business is done.Infogain's unique experience and expertise allows corporations to re-align new parameters in technology and business models, ultimately engaging digital customers at every point in the customer experience landscape.

Robotic Process Automation

We deliver the expertise, tools and frameworks to accelerate the digitalization process in your company using robotic process automation (RPA).

For industries that are transactional based such as finance, retail, insurance and manufacturing, robotic process automation (RPA) adds value to rule-based, repetitive operations. Powerful, productive and cost efficient, RPA sets in motion automation and digitalization of processes. With Infogain, you get skilled professionals, processes, tools and infrastructure to start the RPA journey. Our services include assessment, implementation and management; in addition to a dedicated lab to help set up your virtual workforce. Business benefits include:
  • Better employee morale
  • Enhanced compliance and risk management
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Lower cost of operations with cost savings of 25-30%
  • No disruption to existing security policies and/or frameworks
  • Scalable deployments across functions, business units and geographies

Social Services - Lithium

Overview Section

Leverage social communities as digital customer touch point.As an official partner of Lithium, Infogain helps you leverage the community platform for customer service, centrally control customer touchpoints, develop meaningful personal conversations and understand your customers more deeply through data.By creating a hub where customers can get answers to their questions and share their experiences with useful advice and product recommendations, you can reduce call center costs and double your conversion rates.


Implementations and Upgrade Services:
Infogain helps in strategy & roadmap, pre-implementation & preparation, managing new Lithium upgrades, migrating from Jive-X to Lithium.
Lithium Mobile Implementation Services
Infogain creates Lithium mobile app strategy, Lithium mobile UI designing, Lithium mobile app development. Infogain’s Mobility team developed the 1st ever mobile implementation of Lithium platform.
Lithium Design and Development Services
Infogain usability team designs and develops new-age Lithium community experience. Keeping the purpose and target audience into consideration customized usability strategies are developed driven by gamification, personalization, predictive personalization.
Search Management Services
  • Machine Learning Based SmartSearch Integration: Infogain’s SmartSearch[ML] Solution offers machine learning and AI technology led search, and it integrates with Lithium. SmartSearch helps to maximize search relevancy and aids search monetization.
  • Chatbot Integration: SmartSearch enables chatbot integration for fully automated issue resolution.
  • Maximizing Lithium Utility: SmartSearch integrated with Lithium can deliver powerful Search Management to realize and predict maximum business utility of the platform.
System Integration Services
Third Party Integrations: Being an official partner of Lithium, Infogain helps you create end-to-end solutions with Lithium through integration with Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle Service Cloud and multiple platforms.

 Why Infogain?

  • Experience: Extensive experience in product related supports Lithium user communities.
  • Infogain Centre of Excellence: Infogain has developed usability, mobility, RPA, AI and QA labs for developing new age digital solutions.
  • Partners: Lithium, Oracle Knowledge Management, Salesforce, Automation Anywhere etc.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Infogain has serves 24 Fortune 500 companies and 90% of our customers have partnered with Infogain for over several years.

Data Analytics

  • Selection, design and implementation of latest Big Data technologies
  • Formulation of analytics from corporate data repositories, including:
    • 360 degree view of customers
    • Analysis of brand sentiment
    • Analysis of call records

Empowering Customers towards Self-Service

  • Integrating Knowledge Management Platforms with existing CRM eco-systems
  • Designing, developing and enabling Social Platform technologies within the existing infrastructure
  • Multi-Channel scalable architectures

Mobile Connect

  • Design, develop and deploy cross-platform solutions
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Automate device management

Cloud Enablement

  • Provide technologies products and solutions with implementation and management expertise
  • Enable cloud solution integration within the client's existing IT infrastructure - design and build API's, Network and Management Analytics

Why Infogain

Infogain has a long history of working with large corporate clients and has a proven track record of adding value with their solutions.Our deep expertise in harnessing technologies for digital transformation is evident from our current presence at more than a dozen global customers. From enabling a mobile point of sale for a major retail chain to implementing a comprehensive knowledge management system for a major technology company are true testimonials of our expertise and competence.Case Study : Global Leader in the ICT Industry Yields Nearly 80% Savings for Certain Automated Financial Processes Across Multiple Countries
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