Know your competition

Revel Market Research services turn information into actionable insights that you can trust when you design products and services, make key decisions, and set strategy. We examine events, competitors, markets, consumers, and trends to make forecasts and help you weave them into strategies that bring your vision to life—ahead of the competition.

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Planning and direction

Revel Market Research services identify the specific inputs and data that you need. Then we work with you to gather, evaluate, and analyze them. The result is the coherent insight that you need to act plus the context to support the courses of action you choose.

Business Exploration

We enable you to collect and assess more varied information about your markets, customers, and competitors, then turn it into actionable insights.

Product & Service Positioning

We leverage research and intelligence to identify customer pain points, then create messaging frameworks, pitch decks, and launch BOMs to show how your offerings solve them.


We provide input to the strategic, campaign, project, and creative briefs that guide the technologists and marketers who execute your project.