Customer Support

In our 24/7 global world, having a multifaceted approach to integrated customer support operations leads to increased customer support staff productivity and reduced costs. The ultimate outcome is increased return on investment, solid customer interactions, satisfaction and brand loyalty.Infogain helps clients optimize their Customer Support Operations by leveraging the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies - starting with a transition to the cloud - to create a multichannel, community-based, knowledge-enabled customer support solution.With 20 years expertise and over 100 completed CRM project implementations, Infogain has the knowledge and resources to transform and modernize your company's customer support operations, delivering a rewarding customer experience.


With Infogain, clients receive a multifaceted approach to a company's customer support operations that include the following areas:

Cloud-Based Customer Support

Today's Challenge

  • While competition is a challenge, the enterprise must also achieve results in an increasingly disruptive environment with electronic devices and social media.
  • Customers expect to obtain services on the channel of their choice, whether it is voice, email, text, web, mobile, or social media. With social media engagement, they can choose to become a brand ambassador or portray the company in a negative tone, if they feel they are not being heard.
  • Additionally, customer support must complement the rapport built by the sales and marketing organization. Besides solving the customer’s issues, service groups must endeavor to maintain high customer satisfaction by building trust and providing an exceptional customer support experience.
  • Customer Service groups are successful when they understand the problem, solve the issue quickly, and communicate efficiently.

Infogain's Solution

Infogain, a Salesforce Silver partner, provides end-to-end cost effective solutions that can turn your customer into a brand ambassador. Our solutions include:
  • UX rich self-service portal with Salesforce communities and seamless integration with knowledge systems
  • Rapid implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Customer solutions on that analyze customer comments from social media, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Salesforce integrations with in-premise or Cloud applications using pre-defined salesforce connectors and robust integration design patterns

Infogain Edge

  • Salesforce Service Cloud implementation experience
  • consultants and domain experts provide guidance through the implementation cycle
  • 15 years of experience with support center business processes, applications and integrations
  • Pre-built accelerators and frameworks to jump start next gen customer support experience projects, leading to higher ROIs

Socially Connected Customer Support

Today's Challenge

Your customers are already meeting each other, in online forums and at live events. New technologies available today enable you to increase these interactions exponentially, in a format controlled and even monitored by your organization, to great benefit for both your customers and your organization.

Infogain's Solution

Infogain's solution seeks to socially connect your customers to optimize customer support. Imagine enabling your customers to do the following:
  • Join communities, groups, forums and discussions about products and solutions
  • Ask and answer technical questions. Earn "expert" status in a given area
  • Get published using blogs, discussions and documents -- follow people and curate content
  • Independently access technical resources, documentation, and patches
  • Search the customer support knowledgebase


With socially-connected customer support, you can reduce the cost of providing support and provide an interactive, user-friendly environment customers demand.You can learn from your customers in real-time, enabling innovations in your products and services that target the areas of greatest concern by your customer set. You get increased customer satisfaction, increased customer sales, higher customer retention, and reduced support call volume and costs.

Why Infogain

With Infogain as your solutions partner the possibilities are startling: companies using this new technology show up to a million or more registered members and thousands of discussions on their more popular products and topics. With solutions like Salesforce's Service Cloud3, many social elements are made available within the cloud-based platform.Capabilities from leading providers such as Jive provide the foundation for integrated customer support portals, social collaboration and social media monitoring. Infogain's Tranformational Customer Support services incorporate these social CRM capabilities for you to ensure the optimal experience for your customers. Close

Knowledge-Enabled Customer Support

Outstanding customer service is a challenge. To succeed, customer service organizations need fast and accurate information spanning all communication channels, from contact centers to field and sales service. With over 45 completed projects and the world's largest OKM practice, our 65 dedicated team members offer unparalleled class expertise for implementation, integration and support services. Fortune 500 clients depend on Infogain to help them improve customer service and achieve competitive advantage, while also reducing costs by more than 25% and increasing their return on investment by over 15% compared to other providers.Read More Close

Why Infogain

  • 100+ CRM project implementations
  • 65+ seasoned and senior customer support specialists
  • Strategic Partnerships with industry leaders (Seibel, Clarify, PeopleSoft)
  • Senior level involvement with enterprise projects
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