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  • IDC Evaluates Infogain’s Business Assurance Solutions for Automated Testing

    Recently, IDC analyst Peter Marston examined the use of automation and predictive intelligence within assurance organizations. He reviewed the role of Infogain’s Business Assurance solutions by examining how we help organizations enhance and streamline their application testing and quality assurance activities with Infogain’s Unified Automation Platform (UAP) and Predictive Analytics

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SOA & Enterprise Integration

Oracle Knowledge


Enterprise Business Solutions

  • Oracle 11i: Automated Order Entry Form Enhances Real-time Sales Order Processing

    The client, a manufacturer of textiles in India needed a faster, more efficient way for its distributors and internal sales team members to enter sales data with accuracy and ease. Infogain created a new sales order entry form based on iStore Technology framework, improving the client’s real-time sales order process.

Digital Transformation

Cloud Services

  • Migration to the Salesforce Cloud Enables Holistic Customer View and Reduced Costs

    The client is a network of dedicated professionals across the U.S. and Canada providing homeowners with interior-design guidance, from creative inception to meticulous installation. Desiring an integrated 360-degree view of its customers, but challenged by disparate, isolated business systems, the client looked to Infogain to help them overhaul the existing

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  • Salesforce.com Integration Enables Faster, Consistent Response to Customer Inquiries Worldwide

    The client helps its customers around the world store, manage, protect and retain their data assets. Recognized throughout the industry for continually pushing the limits of today’s technology, this leading provider of storage systems and software drives cost efficiencies and accelerates business breakthroughs. With over 12,000 employees in more than

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  • Transition to the Cloud: the First Step toward Transformational Customer Support

    With the latest XRM technologies that are founded on an adaptive, agile, cloud-based platform, businesses have the opportunity to truly
    modernize the way they reach and interact with customers to deliver a superior customer support experience that builds loyalty while at the same
    time reduces infrastructure and operational costs.

  • Migration to the Salesforce Cloud Enables Holistic Customer View and Reduced Costs

    As the managed services provider for the existing Pivotal CRM and custom Microsoft SQL Serverbased applications, Infogain first developed a strategic IT plan for the client, which addressed the limitations of the existing application environment. This then enabled the client to map out a proposal to convert its environment to the SFDC cloud—including Salesforce Service Cloud,
    Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce PRM.

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