Ms. Keyuri Singh Vice President HR, Infogain

The constant evolution of the digital era has been unlocking newer ways for us to connect from any corner of the world, as and when required. With the advent of mobile platforms, businesses are introducing innovative mobile apps to cater to the needs of their customers almost every day. Almost every category of industry has been beefing up their trade practices as a result of advancement in connectivity. Likewise, recruitment procedures are also transforming significantly as mobile apps are taking the recruitment industry by storm.

In order to corner the digital market, recruiters across the globe are embracing mobile recruitment apps with open arms. With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile recruitment, the traditional methods of hiring candidates through emails and phone calls have become outmoded now. Recruitment apps play a great role in ensuring a smooth hiring process by saving time and money of recruiters. Since numerous recruitment apps are being introduced on a daily basis by app developers, it is imperative for organisations to keep abreast of the latest recruitment apps as they contribute greatly to help recruiters and candidates find each other easily. Moreover, adopting technological innovations also help recruiters stand out in the recruitment industry. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that 65 percent of job-seekers prefer looking for jobs using their mobile devices which is no doubt, a positive factor for mobile recruitment apps.

Recruitment apps are making headway in the hiring sector as they are superior to conventional hiring methods. Some of the advantages of employing recruitment apps are as follow:

• Recruitment apps make the hiring process trouble-free and quicker;

• Enable recruiters to explore diverse talent pools.

• Allow organisations to evade middlemen by interacting with the prospective candidates directly.

Let’s take a quick look at the latest corporate hiring practices that are revolutionising the conventional system of recruitment.

1. Video Recruitment Apps: Many recruiters are considering live streaming video as an essential part of their recruiting strategy. Video-based recruitment via Skype or other similar apps act as a great alternative for face-to-face interviews as they enable small companies as well as large corporates to source deserving candidates from any corner of the globe. Thus, recruiters are widely utilising video applications for hastening the screening process of prospective candidates. Moreover, it saves cost by eliminating the expenditures of interviewing prospective candidates who are remotely located.

Moreover, video apps come in handy for interviewing candidates soon after the completion of the screening process. Live streaming videos enable recruiters not only to talk to prospective candidates but also record the video of the interaction for shortlisting them. Live video streaming apps are not used only for interviewing remotely located candidates, but also for screening local candidates.

2. Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution: The current hiring trends make it necessary for recruiters to spread out their reach without extending their available resources. Keeping this factor in mind, a lot of organisations are adding SaaS solutions to their recruitment toolkits for facilitating smooth and effectual hiring. Compared to licensed applications, SaaS recruitment solutions are also cost-effective as they are priced on a monthly basis. Considering the immense benefits offered by cloud-based recruitment tools, SaaS solutions will soon influence the future of the global recruitment industry.

Cloud recruitment provides unmatched functionality to recruiters, thus saving their valuable time and money. Different cloud recruitment apps have brought the latest trend of paperless technology to the recruitment sector, thus eliminating many unwanted costs. Besides this, they have been empowering recruiters to become more tactical by allowing them to introduce continuous innovation in the hiring process. Another advantage of cloud-based recruitment apps is that they come with public API code for automating hiring processes and messaging between various platforms and systems. What’s more, they can be scaled as per the requirements of the recruiters.

3. Verifying Digital Footprints: Modern organisations are constantly looking out for candidates with the right attitude so they can perfectly blend themselves with the work culture. Thus, many recruiters have started to recruit candidates on the basis of their digital footprints. By examining digital footprints, a recruiter can easily assess the quality of candidates even before meeting them. A candidate’s social profile and his/her social media activities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., speak of his/her personality in volumes, thus portraying the traits of the prospective candidates who are likely to join an organisation.

4. Mobile apps for Data Analytics: Analytics programs of superior quality can significantly help recruiters to make strategic choices in a better way. Data analytics gathered from mobile recruitment apps enable recruiters to easily access candidate information so that the best candidates can be identified and located with no trouble.

The Way Ahead

More and more recruiters are going mobile because of the functionality, user-friendliness, and out-and-out uniqueness of mobile apps. Mobile recruiting offers a unique way to contact job-seekers and engage with them at any time from any location. Organisations that are not following a mobile strategy for hiring candidates are missing out on the opportunity of interacting with the most important section of the talent pool i.e., the tech-savvy generation of Millennials. Thus, instead of falling behind the times, recruiters should pick up steam to learn the ropes of mobile recruiting so that they can play their cards right to expand their search, and stay organised in the process of recruitment.

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