Is Your Claims Processing Department Still Operating “Like it’s 1999?”

While the year on the calendar clearly says 2015, many insurers still operate with antiquated claims processes and Legacy systems environments. In the era of “smart” phones and tablets, this is a disservice to your customers (Policyholders) and the professionals within your company that work with these older and disjointed systems on a daily basis.

Claims management is the foundation of the insurance business and having an older, slower system could lead to claims leakages. These leakages have caused carriers to lose millions of dollars due to their slow and inefficient processes. If you want to prevent leakage and increase customer satisfaction, you can improve speed and accuracy with a modern system that has all the latest functionality and features.

The customizable, quicker install and more affordable alternative to Guidewire™

Many property and casualty Insurance carriers have engaged Infogain to implement a web-based Claim Management System that is an affordable alternative to Guidewire™.  Our end-to-end solution begins at First Notice of Loss (FNOL) through integrated operational reporting. The customizable Infogain CM solution is a stand-alone product that can be integrated with Legacy Systems and third-party applications.

Infogain leverages pre-built components for multiple functionalities using JAVA technology. In addition to getting the project completed faster (typically a 12-month project) and at a lower cost, our clients achieve:

  • Highly cost-effective and robust solution
  • Faster and more efficient claims processing and settlements
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels
  • Greater productivity with a more powerful user experience
  • Reduced claims processing costs
  • Adherence to standards and regulations
  • Customizable and flexible solution

Infogain – Premier implementation partner for claims management

The global insurance industry faces many challenges due to extensive competition, regulatory compliances and high customer expectations of quick processing of policy and claims.

Infogain has over 10 years of experience in the property and casualty insurance industries, helping insurance carriers improve operations, reduce cost of development and improve quality and efficiency. With over 300 Infogain CPCU/INS/LOMA certified professionals, we have the expertise our clients demand. We are proud that during recent quarters our clients gave us an approximate 4.4 rating out of a 5 point scale for customer satisfaction. We have efficient and effective distribution channels with real-time information exchange and a global presence that extends from the USA, to Europe and the Middle East.

Make 2015 the year your company moves the leap from the 1999 era to 2015. Schedule a demo with Infogain’s insurance experts today.

By Cathy Chandhok
Director, Marketing and International Sales

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