Digital Insurance – Infogain’s Service Offerings

Today, Insurance customer expectations are driven by their digital experiences. In this digital era, insurers must take an enterprise wide approach by leveraging digital technologies such as mobile and predictive analytical tools.  This approach unlocks the full capabilities of an insurer and provides an enhanced experience for its customers and employees.

Infogain offers a suite of reusable components, accelerators and frameworks to jumpstart the digital journey of an insurer .  digital-insurance-infogain-service-offerings

Engage –  Mobility Services

The Digital Omni channel empowers Insurance customers with anytime, anywhere access. A prominent example of anytime, anywhere access is Business self-service portal. Infogain’s mobility services include :

  • Enterprise Mobility framework for quick cost effective  app development
  • Mobile integration to Enterprise Data
  • Ready made accelerators in Insurance Domain (Claims, Policy, FNOL )
  • Implementation of policies and procedures for device management (BYOD)
  • Intelligent chatbots for providing better touchpoints during FNOL/Claims processing
  • Intelligent virtual assistance mobility solution for agents/brokers for increased agent effectiveness


Today’s digital technologies and analytics are an integral part of business operations and have a substantial impact on organizational goals. Infogain’s analytical services include:

  • Master Data Management and Distributed Data Management
  • Data driven Usage based Insurance leverages driving data for Insurance premium determination
  • Insurance industry driven prebuilt score Cards, Dashboards and Reports
  • Fraud Detection, Predictive Data Models and machine learning
  • 50+ prebuilt Claims Reports, Scorecards & dashboards gives a snapshot of results by region, by business unit and over time.
  • Visual representation of data via various tools (i.e. QlikView, Tableau)
  • Sentiment Analytics – Comparison on different parameters based on social media sites

Enhance – Integration Services

To scale and manage  an Insurer’s digital business, Infogain offers the following services in Integration services to create an engaging and consistent digital experience.

  • Integration Strategy and Roadmap
  • Operational efficiencies through ecosystem integration, such as integration of Guidewire ClaimCenter with a 3rd party collision data provider
  • In-built Frameworks/accelerators for Insurance and Healthcare industry verticals, which support data transformation for industry specific message formats
  • Migration from legacy to digital platforms and implementation of unified dashboards for a 360-degree snapshot of the claim.
  • Integration expertise through partnership with Apigee/AWS helps implementation in API/Micro services

Customer Experience

Digital Data has been growing exponentially with phenomenal growth in the  number of systems and devices that are connected globally. This data inception and  requires that your customer visualizes and experiences meaningful information and knowledge across portals and dashboards. Infogain’s customer experience services include:

  • Consulting and Assessment for Elastic Search and Solr so that meaningful and actionable knowledge can be derived from digital data
  • Ready Made Connectors available for Insurance Carriers to help customers with the integration of CMS or knowledge management systems
  • Enhanced Predictive Search expertise
  • Migration and deployment on cloud

Enablement – Cloud Services

Infogain’s Digital  transformation initiatives leverage cloud cloud as Infrastructure for deployment to provide scale and elasticity at proportional costs.

  • Consulting and Migration to IaaS and PaaS
  • Cloud based testing and database migration
  • Support IaaS, PaaS and SaaS


For developing practical digital capabilities, Infogain offers the following  customized accelerators to streamline the digital journey:

FNOL : First Notice Of Loss App is designed for submitting claims after giving initial set of questionaires desgined specifically for the registered vehicle owner.It provides flexibility as it reduces the efforts and waiting time in calling the call centres.

Photo Based Estimation : Photo Based Estimating products will allow a carrier to write estimates for low severity claims through photo-based or “virtual” self-service estimating instead of a person visiting the vehicle at the inspection site .

This App allows customer to provide images and/or video depicting the damage and an estimator can prepare his or her estimate without having to travel to assess the vehicle in person, the estimator is allowed to work on the image features such as zoom, pinch and allowed for the parts selection on the estimates, enhancing the customer experience

Provider Entity Resolution: Identification of misleading provider entity helps carriers in Fraud Management and Provider benchmarking, this solution utilizes Advanced Analytics to establish identity and Risk.  The solution provides baseline scoring after analyzing the data from multiple sources.

Speech Recognition mFNOL : Virtual Agent App for initiating FNOL and submitting Claims. This solution enable transformation questionnaire or policy details from interactive text format to a voice recognized speech solution. This hands free mode of operation allows ease of use in filing claims. Speech recognition provides accessibility for visually impaired and handicapped people.

Infogain Edge

  • Digital transformation solutions in P&C for Auto claims, Workers compensation claims and specialty P&C programs
  • Accelerators and frameworks to jumpstart the digital journey of an insurer.


  • Seamless customer experience via omni-channel integration
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Better and faster decision making by enhancing decision making capabilities
  • Reduction in losses with assessment strategies in fraud analytics based on the current “analytics maturity index”
  • Better decision making and forecasting with predictive models
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