Property & Casualty Insurance


The Property & Casualty Insurance industry is in the throes of disruptive change. Digital technologies continue to transform the market landscape. One example of innovation involves the connected insurer and data driven insurance, with both capable of disrupting the industry. This example, combined with a changing regulatory outlook, sets the stage for innovative carriers to capitalize on this state of flux. Insurers that stay ahead of the curve will receive significant benefits, while others risk falling behind.

Infogain’s Solutions and Services

With 12 years of experience in the Insurance domain, Infogain can help innovative and ambitious insurance carriers to address the industry’s evolving needs with our technology services and solutions. Infogain’s services include third party product implementation and support with Guidewire, Digital Services for P&C Insurance. Customized solutions are available for each of the service areas for Auto Insurance, Workers Compensation and other Personal and Commercial lines of Business.

Digital Insurance

The digital revolution is giving rise to new ways of doing business and connecting with customers in the Insurance industry. In this day and age, the Insurance carriers of tomorrow need to effect a pathbreaking digital transformation in key areas of the Insurance value chain in order to stay relevant.Therefore, it is imperative for insurers to prepare their organizations and align their business to adopt a digital culture and rapidly adapt to the megatrend of digital disruption.As a digital transformation partner for major players and service providers in the Insurance industry, Infogain has over a decade long experience in providing a complete “digital experience” to its customers. Delivered through strategic Partnerships with Apigee, Xamarin, AWS and SAS, Infogain’s digital transformation solutions, have delivered substantial business value and enhanced customer experience to many of our customers in the P&C Insurance industry.

Solutions and Services

To create a successful “digital experience”, Infogain’s digital transformation model integrates 4 essential elements:
  • Engage - Engage directly with customers by leveraging disintermediation by providing a digitalized omni channel experience
  • Enhance - Enhance understanding of customer needs and create more personalized offers and deliver better services.
  • Empower - Report to key business stakeholders on key metrics of the ‘digital experience’ and leverage analytics for making changes to digital content, platforms and strategies for better digital performance.
  • Enablement – Deploy digital assets in a Cloud environment for wider access and consumption by a larger base of customers and partners
  • Accelerators : To deliver an enhanced ‘digital experience’ by building practical digital capabilities, Infogain has developed certain customized accelerators :
    • FNOL : First Notice Of Loss is designed to replace the consumer’s interaction with a Call Center or FNOL Representative at the point of Loss by providing a seamless way to connect with the insurer directly from a mobile device or a computer. This App will enable a Claimant or Vehicle Owner to report their facts of loss, view carrier-defined outcomes such as liability, coverage, or if an adjuster appointment is required, select an available method of inspection and schedule an appointment for an appraisal, all from their own mobile device
    • Photo Based Estimation : Photo Based Estimating products allows a carrier to write estimates for low severity claims through photo-based or “virtual” self-service estimating instead of an in-person visit .
    • Provider Entity Resolution : Identification of misleading provider entity helps carriers in Fraud Management
    • Speech Recognition mFNOL : Virtual Agent App for initiating FNOL and submitting Claims.


  • Seamless customer experience via omni-channel
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Better and faster decision making by enhancing decision making capabilities
  • Reduction in losses with assessment strategies in fraud analytics based on the current “analytics maturity index”
  • Better decision making and forecasting with predictive models

Infogain edge

  • Infogain aims to provide Innovative digitalized value additions to our customers.
  • Ready to use Mobile Accelerators for Property and Casualty Insurers to enhance end user experience which helps in customer retention.
  • Partnership with Apigee, Xamarin, and SAS.

Client Success

Case Study: Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation for a Leading Insurance Provider

Case Study : Property & Casualty Insurance Provider Gains Valuable Insights with Infogain’s Claims Management BI Solution

Case Study : Infogain Helps US Insurance Provider with Self-Service Mobile Solution for Insurance Policy HoldersRead More > Close


 We enable insurance carriers to configure and release Guidewire solutions with improved cost savings, speed, and quality.


Disruptors abound in today’s insurance IT universe, and your core systems need to keep pace in this ever-changing environment. Guidewire is the market leader in off-the-shelf, configurable, insurance solutions. With our Center of Excellence and trained specialists, we help insurers capitalize on their Guidewire investment and achieve high quality and cost effective results.

Business Benefits

  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Higher quality, accurate test results
  • Rapid integration with third party systems
  • Reduced implementation times with richer features
  • Reduced time to production with specific accelerators


Infogain Test Automation Solution (ITAS)
Robust test case execution for all phases of the lifecycle, from user interface validation to integration testing and data validation.
While Guidewire delivers a high quality and fully tested product, further configuration and testing is needed in order to fully realize the value of your core systems. Additional testing can be time consuming and complex; leading to increased costs. Infogain’s Test Automation Solution has proven successful across a variety of industries.

  • Development of business test cases without engineering involvement
  • Low cost, fast turnaround when functional changes implemented
  • Reduced dependencies on functional implementation timelines
  • Repeatable, reliable regression testing

  • Approach
      Our testing approach defines complete test flows that are independent of the underlying details of the product being tested. Maintenance costs are reduced because ITAS does not require extensive rework with additional costs.

      Key Features of ITAS
    • Execution of tests without user oversight
    • One change for component testing, with automatic changes for additional test cases
    • Repeatable, robust test case execution for all phases of the lifecycle from user interface validation to integration testing and data validation
    • Rich set of metrics and reports
    • Team members, regardless of experience, can author and execute test cases

    • Infogain Edge
    • Ability to make a single, underlying test change within hours of a corresponding software change
    • Ability to execute cases at any time, even in agile, continuous build environment
    • Fast, efficient and reliable testing solution

    • Integration Services
      Efficient integrations with product research completed by our Guidewire Center of Excellence.

      Simplify system integrations and reduce implementation times

      System integrations can be complex and costly, whether it’s a large insurance carrier with 200 integration points, or a small carrier with 50. Adding to the complexity is the vastly different skill sets between the organization that is configuring the Guidewire product and the one completing requirements. Infogain believes that the most efficient integrations and lowest cost is accomplished by focusing on the target systems.

    • Rapid integration with third party systems
    • Reduced time to market with specific accelerators
    • Richer features and greater capabilities
    • Increased application of “Single System” by embedding third part functionality in Guidewire

    • Approach
      Applying our deep knowledge of systems used by insurers and Infogain’s accelerators, frameworks and testing solutions; our approach may reduce implementation time.

      Infogain’s Guidewire Center of Excellence researches products that are most commonly used by insurance carriers, including:
    • Claims Valuation Systems
    • Data Warehousing
    • Document Management Solutions
    • Document Production Solutions
    • External Portals
    • Mobile Solutions
    • Payment Processors
    • Rating Engines

    • Infogain Edge
    • Knowledge of the insurance IT ecosystem and customized accelerators and frameworks, allow us to service clients at multiple levels in the supply chain
    • With ITAS, Infogain delivers robust and complete integrations, even before they are utilized by functional development teams
    • Why Infogain

    • 12 years of experience in the P&C Insurance Industry
    • Guidewire Center of Excellence accelerators and proprietary engagement methodologies, including functionality and database upgrades
    • Guidewire certified experts with extensive experience in testing and integration

    • Client Success

      Case Study : Integration of two powerful software platforms leads to improved claims processing efficiency and end-user experienceRead More > Close

    Business Assurance

    With continuous innovation happening around insurance solutions, expectations of users from these solutions have also increased. Be it disruptive digital technologies including SMAC, improved IT efficiencies with reduced costs, enhanced customer experience, business intelligence or the ever-changing regulatory landscape, insurance solution providers are expected to meet continuously rising quality expectations. Users now-a-days expect personalized solutions & seamless services as gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’.

    Solutions and Services

    Infogain provides comprehensive testing solutions for the Insurance Industry. Our testing team has extensive domain and technical capabilities with knowledge of industry standards (e.g. CIECA, ACORD). With our following solutions, the end product meets changing user expectations.
    • Pre-automated workflows for COTS products like Guidewire - Pre-automated workflows that will work across all implementations of Guidewire using in-house automation framework ITAS
    • Specialized testing - Testing around Regulatory compliance & jurisdictional “rules and regulations”
    • DevOps testing - Continuous testing by tightly connecting testing with development and operations, and automating the design, development, quality assurance and deployment of new applications and systems
    • On Demand testing - Test factory model to meet your fixed and variable testing needs
    • Business Assurance Consulting – To derive maximum business value from quality assurance investment, Infogain offers Transformation and Advisory services along with QA process re-engineering
    • Test Accelerators –
      • Infogain’s Test Automation Solution (ITAS) – Ready to use framework to optimize the business assurance processes and reduce the regression cycle time.
      • Guidewire Test Automation Solution – Prebuilt automation framework for Guidewire workflow testing


    • Accelerated automation using Infogain’s test automation framework
    • Test Automation for COTS products using pre-automated workflows reduces overall product implementation cycle time by 20%
    • Improved Business Agility by leveraging test accelerators and frameworks
    • Extensive functional knowledge of Insurance domain results in enhanced business value and improved customer experience
    • On-demand testing model successfully addresses changing staffing needs

    The Infogain Edge

    • Extensive Insurance industry experience with over 12 years in providing focused testing solutions to partners across the world.
    • Insurance centric testing that include verification and validation of core business processes and adjacent workflows.
    • IP based and customized automation resulting in overall cost savings of more than 25-30%
    • Reusable automated tests for faster implementation of pre-packaged solution like Guidewire that reduce the overall test effort minimum by 20%.
    • End-to-End testing of COTS products such as Guidewire, Duck Creek, eBaoTech, and SAP for Insurance.
    • A large pool of dedicated Insurance SME’s with recognized industry certifications (CPCU, INS etc.) and extensive functional knowledge of Insurance

    Case Study : Infogain Helps US Insurance Provider Go-to-Market Faster with End-to-End Testing for Medical Bill Review ProcessRead More > Close


    The IT eco-system and technology landscape play a key role in IT expenditures. CIOs and technology leaders of insurance companies must keep their bottom line low while providing exceptional customer satisfaction. They want solutions that will lead to lower maintenance and operational costs, faster time to market, ease of use, and team collaboration. Many insurance companies are embracing the Cloud and its benefits.

    Solutions and Services

    Infogain is a leader in the Cloud consulting space with in-depth knowledge of the Property & Casualty insurance domain. We offer best-in-class salesforce solutions, focusing on the implementation of Salesforce for insurance agencies, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, UX rich - Communities, Customer, Partner & Self Service Portals, Custom App Cloud, Wave Analytics, Heroku and many AppExchange products.
    • Consulting and Assessment : To help clients deliver innovative and robust solutions, we offer ‘best-in-class’ salesforce consulting services based on industry best practices and a consulting methodology aligned to your operating model
    • Application/Architecture Design : Designing Customer-centic solutions by architecting high-performing technical solutions leveraging the Salesforce platform
    • Development : Configuration and customization of Sales Cloud and Health cloud supported by data loading and mapping services
    • Deployment : Release management services underpinned by automated unit and integration testing
    • Data Migration : Data migration from legacy/on-premise systems such as Siebel to SFDC
    • Integration : Integration with third-party products or ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle ERP
    • Quality Assurance : Robust, best practice Quality Assurance processes for testing of Salesforce implementations
    • Maintenance and Support : Salesforce maintenance, post-implementation support and monitoring services
    • Accelerators : Infogain’s claim management accelerator built on the platform helps insurance agencies to streamline their claim management process, giving their customers a superior service experience.


    • Lowered operational costs by automation of core business
    • Building up integrated quotes for claim processes
    • Increasing lead conversion rates
    • New business opportunities through social media
    • Setting more accurate policy prices
    • Reduction in fraudulent claims by leveraging analytics

    The Infogain Edge

    • Insurance industry focus: We invest in developing industry specific innovative and agile solutions on that brings a great value to our customers for evaluating ROIs
    • Faster time to market: With pre-built insurance specific Salesforce accelerators and frameworks, we help customers to jumpstart Salesforce projects
    • Do more with less: Our proven project execution methods and program governance methodologies ensure a successful implementation in a cost-effective way
    • UX focused approach: Our Salesforce consultants also specialize in mobility and UI/UX, giving an added advantage to customers for their clients, partners and service portal design and development
    Read more > Close

    Why Infogain

    • Core Insurance Services, including Policy Admin, Actuarial, Underwriting and Claims Management specializations
    • Customer focused, providing innovative digitalized ideas and transformational IT roadmaps to drive sustained, profitable growth
    • Guidewire/CPCU/LOMA certified Insurance professionals
    • Insurance Center of Excellence with ready to use frameworks and consultant led implementation approach
    • Partners of choice for mid-to-large size Insurance companies
    • Agile services for timely quality deliveries and regular customer engagement

    Partnerships and Alliances


    Client Success

    Case Study : Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation for a Leading Insurance Provider

    Case Study : Integration of two powerful software platforms leads to improved claims processing efficiency and end-user experience

    Case Study : Property & Casualty Insurance Provider Gains Valuable Insights with Infogain’s Claims Management BI Solution

    Case Study : Infogain Helps US Insurance Provider with Self-Service Mobile Solution for Insurance Policy Holders

    Case Study : Infogain Helps US Insurance Provider Go-to-Market Faster with End-to-End Testing for Medical Bill Review Process

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