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Google Cloud App Modernization

Google Cloud App Modernization

Google Cloud app modernization is the best approach for enterprises to maximize the value and competitive advantage from critical business applications. These app transformations seek to benefit from cloud native features and are driven by strong business needs to add features, agility, scale, or performance that would be difficult to achieve with on-premise environments.


At Infogain, we’ve tackled several challenging Google Cloud transformation journeys for our customers, by re-architecting and rewriting their applications from the ground up to be Google Cloud-native. Along the way, we learned some key lessons on how to re-architect applications to be modular, scalable, fault tolerant and ultra-responsive.

PaaS & Container Architectures

Google Cloud App Engine (PaaS) & Container Architectures

We are experts at converting traditional stateful applications into modern applications leveraging Google Cloud App Engine services and container architectures for total control over scalability and resilience.

Agile & DevOps Driven Development

Agile & DevSecOps Driven Development

While modernizing applications we leverage Infogain’s PAQman to deliver an Agile DevSecOps approach that enables application delivery transformation by enabling toolchains and processes that support continuous integration and continuous security, and continuous delivery.

Front end vs Event Driven Applications

Front end vs Event Driven Applications

We can help develop and implement best-fit architectures and components depending on whether your application is heavy on end-user interactions (predominantly user driven and UI / UX is important) vs event driven (IoT and business process automation Intelligent apps) vs Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based applications.

Hybrid & Multi-cloud Architectures

Hybrid & Multi-cloud Architectures

Corporate compliance, governance and performance considerations can mandate application components to remain within Private cloud or existing on-premise environments, and still talk to the Public cloud components. Our experts can help design solutions for optimal performance and scale, including leveraging Google Cloud Anthos to build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere in a secure, consistent manner.

Security & Authentications

Security & Authentications

While monolithic, on-premise applications are perceived to be secure due to the ability to implement centralized security policies while behind corporate firewalls, with our knowledge and expertise we can help deploy enhanced security postures within your Google Cloud environment.

Hybrid & Multi-cloud Architectures

Optimal Use of Cloud Services

We can help organizations efficiently leverage ready-to-use Google Cloud services and solution components to reduce development time while benefitting from the inherent cloud native features of the services. Our experts strike the right balance between upfront vs ongoing benefits of using these services.

Technology Expertise

Our teams bring strong technology expertise, insights and knowledge to Google Cloud application development engagements, in addition to valuable experience across solution and industry domains.


Our Google Cloud app modernization services ensure seamless and reliable transitions that avoid the three most common issues faced by organizations that don’t get it right – downtime from a failed migration, degraded user experience or compromised security posture.

PaaS & Container Architectures


We help our customers envision various application and deployment architectures incorporating security, integration, governance, and total cost of ownership. Through envisioning, we help customers develop a template for decision making.

  • Define transformation goals
  • Envision cloud architectures
  • Establish decision matrix
  • Determine outcome measures
Assessment & Planning

Assessment & Planning

We work closely with our customers to assess and rationalize the application portfolio in their current-state environment, prioritize the business value from transformation and develop specific initiatives and plans.

  • Discovery deep-dive
  • Portfolio rationalization
  • 4R Decisions – Re-host, Replace, Re-platform, Reengineer
  • Create transformation plan


This is a multi-phase program, comprising of app modernization to cloud-native applications (Refactoring & Reengineering), lift-and-shift migrations (Re-platforming and/or Re-Hosting), and replacement of legacy applications unfit for the cloud with 3rd -party solutions. Typical initiatives include:

  • Application re-engineering and modernization
  • Application DevOps transformation
Manage & Operate

Manage & Operate

Once transitioned to the cloud, the application and the underlying cloud services need to be continuously monitored, managed and optimized. We work closely with customers to undertake responsibilities that best serve their business needs by providing options for:

  • Continuous App Development
  • Managed Services for Infrastructure & Platform Ops
  • Managed DevOps (Full Responsibility)

Why Work With Us

End to end cloud transformation partner

End to end cloud transformation partner – from planning to ongoing management and support.

Proven track record of delivering

Proven track record of delivering measurable results while mitigating cost and risk.

Infogain’ cloud transformation programs

Infogain’s cloud transformation programs set the industry standard for seamless & assured modernization to the cloud

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Next-gen technology expertise – IoT, analytics, Artificial intelligence and ML.