Embracing a Customer-Centric Future: Notes from Oracle’s First Modern Customer Experience Conference

The Infogain Knowledge Management Team, along with approximately 3,000 attendees from around the world met at the Venetian in Las Vegas on March 31st for Oracle’s first ever Modern CX Conference. The Modern Service Experience was one of four conferences, including Commerce, Sales, and Marketing hosted concurrently by Oracle.  Customer experience thought leaders, top analysts and Oracle customers shared their unique stories about how they successfully transformed their businesses by providing a modern service experience with Oracle technologies.

 Oracle elaborated on their vision for the CX Cloud suite of products and how, with information, the customer has become more powerful. Daniel Pink, the bestselling author described how the paradigm has shifted from “buyer beware” to “seller beware.” He explained, “We live in a world with easy access to information, endless choices, and many ways for customers to talk back.”

The Customer-Centric Future

Excellent, forward-thinking Keynote presentations by Oracle CEO Mike Hurd, Daniel Pink, bestselling author, Brian Curran, VP Customer Experience and Strategy for Oracle and Becky Ploeger, VP of Digital Commerce Customer of Kohl’s further highlighted how the era of customer service is experiencing a dramatic transformation. Organizations that embrace the customer-centric organization will have a chance to survive longer. To drive home this point, Hurd explained that since 1990, 70% of companies were out of business due to bankruptcies, mergers or acquisitions. This trend has continued in the past 15 years. He noted that since 2000, 50% of Fortune 500 companies no longer exist. The CEO of today ponders what it will take to keep their jobs alive and sustainable and retain customer loyalty.

According to Emily Creech, author of Oracle’s Blog, dated 9 April 2015, Hurd further commented, “Companies can no longer survive with fragmented sales and marketing processes—they need to integrate siloed processes to deliver a holistic customer experience. This is often complicated by legacy systems. “The average legacy application in use today by corporate America is 21 years old.” As a result, customers receive a fragmented, inconsistent experience and it’s affecting the bottom-line. Eighty-nine percent of consumers switch to a competitor after a poor experience, but the fact that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience proves how important the customer experience really is.” Oracle is in the business of serving customers and meeting their needs, by their suite of cloud solutions, acquisitions and R&D investments. Infogain, a longtime partner of Oracle is committed to the customer-centric organization with a mobility platform that is a complement to the cloud-based solution.

Infogain’s Mobile Phone Omni-Channel Strategy Complements the Cloud

Infogain’s Mobile Phone supports and enables services through multiple channels of phone, Email, Chat, Web and Social Media. Integrating Infogain’s mobile phone solution with Oracle’s cloud-based system enables self-service through multiple channels. Clients will receive multi-media content, use social platforms and collaborate with private communities, such as Jive. The client will be able to interact with CRM to open customer cases or order products or services. Additionally, the mobile solution provides instant notifications, scheduled call-backs, providing an electronic identity. Contact KnowledgeSolutions@Infogain.com for more information.
Infogain & Oracle, Your Partners for the future

At Infogain, we’ve completed over 45 OKM implementations worldwide and we have witnessed our clients experience greater customer loyalty and true cost savings with each project. Our clients continue to report improvements due to Oracle Knowledge implementation at their company. With world’s largest team of OKM experts, we have deployed OKM at Fortune 500 companies all over the world. Our end-to-end Oracle Knowledge services include implementation, integration and customization, upgrades and production lifecycle services.
Visit www.infogain.com to learn how you can harness the power of your organization’s knowledge content. Join Oracle and Infogain and embrace your “customer-centric” future. Also, make plans to attend the next Oracle Modern CX Conference.
By Cathy Chandhok

Director, Marketing and International Sales

Creech, Emily. Oracle Customer Experience Blog, “The Modern Customer Experience Conference Keynotes,”  9 April, 2015 [https://blogs.oracle.com/cx/entry/the_modern_customer_experience_conferences]
 Leggett, Kate, Blog, Forrester, guest post by Fraser Tibbetts, “Oracle Aims to Put the Customer at the Core of the Oracle CX Cloud, 7 April 2015 [http://blogs.forrester.com/kate_leggett/15-04-07-oracle_aims_to_put_the_customer_at_the_core_of_the_oracle_cx_cloud]



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