80% Savings Using Robotic Process Automation for Global ICT Leader

The Client

The client is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Corp that had never previously used RPA.. They are a global leader in the Information and Communications (ICT) industry that provides IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services. They have established a global footprint with over 6,000 clients in more than 150 countries, servicing all industries.

Business Challenges- RPA Implementation

The client’s financial unit was struggling with several process-related financial and operational issues. Financial tasks were repetitive and cumbersome, which left no time for focusing on value-added services. Additionally, the client lacked skilled resources due to a hiring freeze. They were challenged to get finance manpower to the Asian countries of Hong Kong and Korea. The client was in the process of evaluating RPA tools, ultimately purchasing a license for “Automation Anywhere.” In addition to automating services, the client needed a digital transformation partner that would also function as an extension of their business team across multiple countries.

“Lift and Shift” Oracle Knowledge Management Implementation Completed in Seven Weeks


One of the largest providers of financial management and software services, the client, located in Redwood City, CA, provides online and mobile banking solutions. The client used Oracle Knowledge Management as part of their customer support environment.

Business and Technical Challenges

The client was a unit of Intuit, Inc. but was being spun off as a separate company. As part of this move, they needed to migrate their knowledge management systems to an independent environment and data center. One core system which needed to be migrated was Oracle Knowledge. This required a rapid deployment “lift and shift” type engagement with critical deadlines that could not be slipped. A typical engagement for this type work is 20 weeks, but the client needed to complete the transition within 8 weeks.

Infogain Helps Medical Laboratory Debut E-Commerce Website for Direct-to-Consumer

Business and Technical Challenges

The latest trend is direct-to-consumer lab testing, worth $33.1
million in 2015, with an expected 30% growth rate. To respond to
consumer demand, the client needed an agile website platform
that would address these business challenges:

  • Ability to customize marketing campaigns to gain new customers
  • Ability to expand into new markets
  • Integration of payment services and internal systems
  • Provide an intuitive customer user interface (UI) for registration, payment collection, order tests, securely view results, fax capabilities from portal
  • Provide mobile ready functionality

Sabre Services Overview

Infogain’s Edge with Sabre

As a certified Sabre Red App Developer with more than 15 years experience, Infogain helps small to mid-sized companies (SMEs) and multi-billion dollar travel companies alike with unique apps and the end-to-end Sabre services of consulting, development, deployment and certification, and support. Our solutions improve profitability and deliver superior customer travel experiences.

Infogain Approach’s with Sabre and Benefits

For end-to-end services, Infogain’s approach begins with a consultation, followed by development, deployment, certification and support. Our services include:

  • Sabre Red App Development
  • Sabre Scripting expertise
  • Analytical Platform for Sabre
  • Sabre Central Command Services
  • Smart Travel for Travel Agency Back office

Mobile Business Intelligence Empowers Employees With Anytime, Anywhere Access To Critical Data

Business & Technical Challenges

The client’s user base typically utilizes several business intelligence applications on a regular basis. Inefficiencies existed due to the lack of a consistent framework and no integration across the apps, causing users to perform low-value tasks on a repetitive basis to get the information they needed most.

On the technical front, the BI dashboard applications needed to be made available on the mobile platform, and each had its own set of interfaces and access/launch processes, as they originated from several third-party solution providers. Users also had different access permissions for the various applications which needed to be managed securely, according to the client’s established application security guidelines.

A number of common functionalities were being rewritten multiple times by different teams working n different mobile dashboard thus increasing development costs and inconsistency.

The umbrella application would also need to add value to categorize, launch and maintain the applications from a single interface.

Infogain implemented SAS and BI solutions with leading mobile network operator

Business Challenges

The client was implementing marketing campaigns with an Excel spreadsheet, IBM Database 2 (DB2) and a solution called “IRIS.” They were experiencing cumbersome and slow manual analytics. As a result, their subscribers would receive information that was 15 days or older. Launching activity was slow, with a reach of 8 out of 22 telecom circles, and 50 campaigns.

The client wanted an automated solution that was efficient and effective for building and maintaining a loyal customer base. They chose the SAS® Campaign management solution with innovative features consisting of a user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, superior information management and custom campaign processes. The client chose the SAS® product and the services of Infogain to meet multiple business objectives including:

  • Customized and tailored campaigns
  • Better customer segmentation
  • Targeted and personalized messages with best offers
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased return-on-investment
  • Cross-sell and upsell services
  • Churn analysis and forecasting

Infogain Helps Largest US Terminal with a Customized Mobile Solution

Business and Technical Challenges in Mobile Solution Implementation

The client’s goal was to help its customers (truck drivers) save valuable time when commuting and obtaining port terminal information. The current process was slow and ponderous, often leading to gate congestion and additional gate transaction time at the port upon arrival. Other challenges included:

  • Contacting the terminal via their desktop computer or by telephone was slow, inconvenient and time consuming.
  • Lacked a fast and efficient way to access terminal information including port info, scheduling appointments, terminal gate activities, container pickup availability, booking information, vessel schedules, and more.

After evaluating several options the client engaged the Infogain team to provide an mobile solution or mobile application for the desktop and all mobile devices including smart phones, laptops and tablets.

The client achieves branded application with next generation UI


The client is at the forefront of global communications, providing products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access to service providers and their customers, enterprises and institutions throughout the world.

Business and Technical Challenges

  • Revamp the clients’ Internet Connectivity Application for their high speed data card services
  • The brand visibility on the application was non-existent
  • White labeling the application was not possible
  • The application was overloaded with text and was not user friendly
  • One click access was not available

Application Management Services in Energy and Environment Engineering

Infogain’s Solution

The challenges included maintaining and supporting the client’s legacy systems in test and production database servers centrally located at the Pune Development Center.

  • Infogain first brought the live applications to the latest patch level for smoother
  • Infogain provided support for all modules that were implemented.
  • Infogain provided DBA Support for all database instances, including the Oracle ERP application and legacy applications, and provided backup services and tuning of all instances.